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Hey all,

About the SH minions, it seems very daunting that the superfusion (SF) points only add to HP, increasing only a few measly HP for each SF point. This increase in HP doesn't make much of a difference, especially so with the weakening of SH minions as now they deal less dmg and receive more dmg from the raider.

Now that the minions all have proper classifications, a suggestion would be to have the SF pts add to different much-needed stats of the minions. For example:
Defenders: Up defence + HP per SF pt
Melee Strikers: Increase speed + Dodge rate per SF pt
Ranged Strikers: Up attack + magic resist per SF pt
Support: Decrease cooldown of spells + Up magic resist per SF pt
Champions: Overall increase in stats (def, atk, spd, magic resist etc.)

At least with this in place, the SH minions become more of a force to be recokened with rather than slightly buffed monsters that can still be taken down in a few hits.

Another gripe which I have is the SF points for Champion minions.
These are near impossible to get! I can't imagine anyone with more than 20 SF pts for any champion, considering that these points only exist when you pull a champion minion from a chest.
And if you do actually pull one out from the chest, most likely it'll be used in your SH since one alone makes a lot of difference.

Suggestions would be either:
(1) Make 'farm-able' orbs that function as SF points, which can be obtained from solo missions OR dailies.
(2) Have certain champion minions to be obtainable from mission rewards, but these champion minions can only be evolved to max T3 so you can fuse many of them.

Hope these suggestions get taken into consideration.
Thanks for reading!
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Unlucky I can't add any deep considerations because I dont give much importance to my stronghold (expecially after last changelog).

But I like your idea anyway! +1

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