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Evolution Materials

Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:16 am
So I've had a lot of time to think about this today.  I needed 4 midnight demon horns to evolve a couple items, and thought... this shouldn't take long.

I'm about to start my 71st run, and I have received exactly 3 horns at this point.  This is neither fun, nor challenging.  It's a waste of time and bandwidth, and quite frankly another example of how you frustrate and irritate your customers in the name of extracting more money out of them.  Playing 5+ hours doing nothing other than trying to farm 4 evolution materials is inexcusable and horrible game design.

It should never take more than 3-4 runs to obtain an evo mat.  Here's some quick thoughts you could implement pretty easily.

1) fusion boosters:  playing on hard and getting a bunch of 1 and 2 star items is lame and shouldn't happen.  You spend 3 times the energy you get better rewards.
easy difficulty= 1 guaranteed 2 star, and 2 other 1 star (with possibility of 2 star)
medium difficulty= 1 guaranteed 3 star, 1 guaranteed 2 star (with possiblility of 3 star), and 1 1 star (with possiblity up to 3 star)
hard difficulty= 1 guaranteed 4 star (with possiblity of 5 star), 1 guaranteed 3 star (with possibility up to 5 star), 1 guaranteed 2 star (with possiblility of 3-4 star)

2) forbidden materials:  put them all in the dungeons just like feathers.  drop rate 25% on easiest mission, 50% on medium difficulty mission, 75% on hardest mission.

3)  trinkets, artifacts, etc:  this is ok as is.  you know what you're getting

4) runestones, heirlooms:  fix the one that's doubled up with the kenashi heirloom.  that was just a lazy shortcut.  either give the heirloom its own event, or just drop it as players can get them from missions.

5)  crystals:  ok as is except for....penumbra.  again this was just lazy programming and unnecessary frustration for people going after dark/light crystals

This would clean things up nicely, not "give away the farm" on your end, and show your players a small amount of respect rather than treating them like marks.