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[SUGGESTION] Wanted Challenge - rounds

Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:13 pm
Good day to all.

As 90% of players have noticed, there was only a single "round" of previous Wanted Challenge.
What it means?

◇ Only 50 players (the richest spenders) could evolve the whole set;
◇ Fews players could evolve only one item (weapon or armor);
◇ Countless players can not evolve anything.

So, unless you are one of top 50 above, we have got rubbish items only because "we" did not have a second chance... and of course this have generated a big discontent of game community (as noticed in many other topics).

What it's the point of this thread?

Easy, add a single line with the words in Wanted Challenge's page:

"This wanted challenge will last for 1 round only!" 
"This wanted challenge will last for 2 rounds only!" 

Change the term "round" for an other better suited if prefered.

So we (low-mid gem spender) players can choose and calculate if the actual Wanted Challenge it's worth or not for our time / resources.

Is not hard or bad idea, isn't? ;)

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Shocking interview with a Dungeon Hunter 5 Developer: by ghostwheel
How it actually works the whole WC system: thanks to Aragorn, son of Arathorn
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Re: [SUGGESTION] Wanted Challenge

Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:56 pm
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Hey Focaccina,

I must highlight here that (as explained) the WC are meant to be the hardest challenge in the game and reward the most engaged users.

However, your idea is totally relevant and I will share it with the teams.

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Hi Gameloft_JP,

The "most engaged users"? You mean the ones who spend the biggest amount of money, right?

If it would be the most engaged users, you would make the challenge more difficult (killing those bosses is far too easy, and it's not only because my character has improved) and the reward system more fair. Not to mention that there wouldn't be any rush ticket option : users would have to play the game and if they don't succeed, they have to think about how to improve their items/skills for the next WC (which means probably opening a few chests). That sounds fair.

It's very unfair that the selection for the "most engaged" users is made only through money, and not through their interest in the game.

On the contrary, I'm quite happy with the Trial of Elements. The more you get into it, the more difficult it gets. I am level 125 now and I'm happy that the highest destinations are becoming really difficult. I don't mind having to spend more and more energy on it : it's part of the game to choose what you spend your energy on. It makes it more challenging and makes me want to get better items, even if I have to spend gems.

So right now, I don't bother on the WC anymore, except for getting the gems and a few fusion boosters, which means I stop when I reach about 21000 points - not to mention that the design of the armors are always the same and not really the best looking, but that's a personal opinion.
Of course, you can just keep it like this, but don't be surprised if lots of users don't feel interested in that part of the game anymore.

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Re: [SUGGESTION] Wanted Challenge - rounds

Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:04 pm
Look I've been playing for awhile now, and I get the WC are for the best of the best. But some players like to do them every so often to get cool gear. All we are asking is to at least prolong the materials for more than one go around so people can at least pick the items they really want to spend them on. At least two rotations would be great!! I can at least get on board with that. If you do this its a sign to me and probably most other players that your at least making an attempt to make it right eve a little
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Or possibly extend the complete set of orbs to the top 100 or 150. As the number of players grow so should the amount at the top of wc. Maybe the top x% based on active players of that wc. I don't know exactly but it seems pretty unbalanced right now.
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Sadly, legendary players NEED a new wanted set to have a chance of defending.

Based upon the past 6 months of wanted challenges, and the fact that 1,2,3,4,and 6 orbs were available, any reasonable person would have the expectation that the events would be run again.

Are you offering refunds to those of us who explicitly bought 4 orbs with the expectation that there would be another round?

For that matter, are you offering refunds to the winners, who as a result of others scrambling to get extra orbs, drove the price much higher?

The reality is that uncertainly and obfuscation serves gameloft by driving up the prices.

Its the worst kind of bait and switch. For six months there were multiple servers, multiple rounds of WC events. Everyone had a reasonable chance of getting a top set.

Now, not only has the price to get a WC set tripled, if you don't get one you might as well not play.
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Red69 wrote:
...Based upon the past 6 months of wanted challenges, and the fact that 1,2,3,4,and 6 orbs were available, any reasonable person would have the expectation that the events would be run again.


YUP, that was my assumption too... Why we have/had a possibility to win 1,2 or 4 orbs/crucibles/etc. if we cannot obtain all required mats to fully evolve wanted items... With 4 you can at least complete 1 item, but other lesser prizes are misleading... 
So it would be very desirable if GL team would brainstorm few ideas and offer 
us an opportunity to obtain required special evo mats to complete wanted sets from previous series...