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Hey guys,

After joining DH5 and the forums for a few months now, I've observed that there have been a lot of common unhappy topics going around which have been answered unsatisfactorily by the developers. 
These topics are (not in order of severity): (*hint hint*)

1) Discrepency in pricing gems amongst different regions
2) Where are my updates (esp from Windows users)?!
3) This "Minion/Skill/ New gear" is way too overpowered, pls nerf them & GL favours new players and their money
4) This "Minion/Skill" has been nerfed to oblivion, pls return them to their original stats & GL doesn't care about older players and their money
5) Are the old WC coming back? Are the old Evo Orbs going to be made available?
6) WC are for the rich, there's no way I can make it into the top 50 to evolve my set fully :(
7) Trinkets are ruining the game balance, my SH is useless :(
8) Etc. etc. 

The trend is that people will continuously rehash these topics in a vicious cycle in not only their own newly posted threads, but in other threads that talk about something directly or indirectly related to them and they become a blame-fest instead of properly discussing the issue at hand.

Hence, I was wondering whether the GL Forum masters can put up Sticky threads about these topics so that players can at least see what has been discussed OR know what is GL's reply to them. Also, this is to prevent the creation new threads which end up getting deleted over and over again. Also, it'll be much better as a thread where players can actually discuss proper in-game strategies to overcome these issues (eg. how to fight a player equipped with the one-hit kill ice-blast; how a dark user can take down a SH with 2 T5 mossbacks; how much VP to obtain to get into which ranking for the current WC)

Of course, there might be a chance of it becoming a larger blame-fest within the thread, but I feel that if players know that something is being done about these issues, or that if GL is treating these issues seriously instead of just brushing them aside that players will actually begin to respect the developers for listening to them.
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Hey Zungedous,

Indeed these are questions which would deserve to be in a FAQ. I'll look into that this week. However it'd have to be sticky and locked to avoid the thread to drift apart.

I'd clearly rather see insightful topics about the game rather than duplicate threads about the same issues :)

What do you guys think ?