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The game is awesome with a controller as far as actual gameplay goes. It gives it even more of a Champions of Norrath or Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance feel. That being said, menu navigation with the controller is absolutely atrocious. It is ridiculously touchy as more often than not, it doesn't even go the direction you are trying to guide it in. It is so bad, I find myself having to use the mouse cursor bar on my PS4 controller to navigate through the menus.

 Take for instance the Trial of Elements. When I complete a level, I am shown my rewards and provided with the option to either exit or proceed to the next stage. Using the joystick, I am not even able to highlight the option to proceed to the next stage. I seem to only be able to bounce between the items I got and the exit option.

 Theres got to be a way Gameloft can kinda balance this out. The menu in Modern Combat 5 is actually fairly easy to navigate using the controller, plus you are given the option to use the joystick for it or the directional pad. That is one thing that might aid the cause is to make it so Dungeon Hunter 5's menu also allows you to use the directional pad for more efficient navigation. That, and just making the joystick less touchy and a little more cooperative when trying to select options. 

 So again, its absolutely an A+ on controller function as far as combat and movement through levels and what not. Just the ability to select things in the menus is very wonky. Please fix that, and it will be perfect.
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Hello, has it been fixed for you or not yet ?ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro