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Continuous attack when using controllers

Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:02 pm
Dear Dev Team,

I use iPad with an Mfi controller to play dh5. Admittedly, it works well. However if I may, I would like to request a simple feature that would make the controller even better in experience.

Would you please make the attack button continuous? Using the touch screen, I can simply press and hold the attack button to keep attacking. I think it should also be doable with controllers. Currently, if I have a skill like fire cone, and I press down button B without releasing it, I can continously fire, which is really good. But this does not work for normal attacks. If I do this for normal attacks, I will only attack once and then stop. I have to press button A again and again in order to attack, which is tiring. 

Please consider this, and thank you so much for your efforts in providing better gaming experience!