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Suggestions that will blow your mind!

Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:40 pm
Ok, maybe they won’t but read this:

Not sure if devs read this, here’s why your game ****:
Reason 1: I’ve been playing for 2+ years now, have legendary items for each elements, in fact, too many for some of the elements, but, not the ones which I’d like - DH5 just doesn’t have any mechanics in place to control what you get.

Reason 2: That said, the game DOESN’T HAVE A PROPER PVP MODE. If that’s the case - WHAT IS THE POINT OF DEVELOPING THE GEAR!?!??

Reason 3 (this is the dumbest s***): complete this X amount of times, do this, repeatedly 2 mln times, collect 200 of some useless crap 50 times... How about you sit your **** down, think 1000 times, test 20000 times and build something ONCE, worth spending money on, instead of adding new levels of armour and weapons, thus making the game even more boring and repetitive! 

Reason 4: ARENA - who tf even came up with this!?!? And why tf the battle ends with opponent kneeling down!?!? It should be punch or kick and “K m-fing O” animation!!! What is this: oh you beat me - I’ll just bend over and kneel..??? SERIOUSLY, talk to you senior product manager or game lead and tell them to take their head out of their a**! Or even better, higher someone else who has COMMON SENSE! Graphics - the only good thing about this game, that’s about it. Thanks for reading! 😃
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yeah, that arena is not real PvP
who call it PvP?
only GL does!