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WC and T6 evolution material

Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:30 am
Hello team,
T6 Flawless Beryllos evolution material is achievable only if you are in top 50 in WC or top 50 in GW.
How about to add one Flawless Beryllos at the top of the rewards in Wanted Challenge (in Christmas event it was the Kringle normally it's 7 T5 Boosters) or if not at the existing top (151k point) add one more stepp so at eg. 170k points in WC you would have one 1 Flawless Beryllos?
I'd say it would be nice for those who don't have guild strong enuff to be in top 50 and also for those who don't spend too much money to be in top 50 in WC. Everything in game should be achievable for free to play players. Both options (top 50 in GW or WC) are too high for many players - as I can see in our guild - few newcomers or lower levels... It would motivate them.