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Hello all,

As a reminder you can find the full forum guidelines here:

To build on top of the established guidelines, no discussion of cheaters or hackers will be allowed on the DH5 forums. All threads and posts will be removed without warning. Users who continue to post related content will be banned.

This new rule will be enforced to help encourage more meaningful discussions about other aspects of the game and prevent flaming and trolling which often arises in cheater-related threads. To clarify:
  1. Publically accusing other players of cheating is not allowed.
  2. Taunting, trolling, flaming or getting involved with cheater discussion is not allowed.
  3. Continued engagement or posting cheater/hacker discussion will lead to a forum ban.
  4. If you wish to confront other players please do so privately or on other communication channels.
While no discussion will be allowed on the forums, Gameloft does take cheating/hacking seriously. All submitted reports are investigated and acted on. If you wish to report a cheater, please contact Customer Care in-game or via the web. ... verify=yes
I am no longer working on Siegefall and have been assigned to a new Gameloft project. Please contact Customer Care for further assistance regarding the game.