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Hello good sir / madam,

Top 50 guild every week! We are recruiting players who will donate 5mil and who will earn at least 1k warpoints minimum per week. If your stats are around 15k attack / def it  is easy to do with our team. some newer players are also welcome, we can help you out. We would just have to discuss with the guild what we feel is suitable at the time. We are after long term members who contribute like the rest of us. 

As I said we hit top 50 every week without fail. Higher players are preferable as we can hit top 10 sooner.  

Hopefully I hear back from some good players! We are going top 10 in the very near future.
We communicate via ‘whats app’. 

So download ‘whats app’, and message me on +6457269093

Or if you leave your contact details here I will try check as much as possible and answer any questions.

kind regards.