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Are you Lonely?

Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:11 pm
About us:
Hello there :) ! We currently have a very strong core and arelooking for a few more exceptional players to fine tune our lineup.
:!  1# rule is Real life comes first  :!
We just ask that you do what you can.
We try to help each other as much as possible
Never be afraid to ask if you need help or someone to put on a certain element set to beat a waypoint in ToE.

Our goal as a guild:
We are always striving to improve, and progress through the leaderboard, together. We have a nice blend of the hardcore, semi-hardcore, and casuals alike so all are welcome to join us. We also invite anyone who would just like to be in an active guild.

Our mission:
Having fun, being serious, and pushing content as hard as we can on a limited schedule. Taking the time we have to WAR with maximum efficiency. Enjoying the content and not burning out on a game that is meant to be fun.
Come hang out with us p) !
What you need:
KIK app required.
If interested contact PM blindguy405 for more info
Android - Ref Code: 73e3fd
To join our guild message blindguy405 or redp93 on KIK