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Kraken~ Looking for active members!

Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:34 am
Kraken is looking for active guild members! We currently rank top100 and we only have 20 members, so looking to fill those 10 spots and make a good push to top50. We use a the chat app Kik as a source of communication. Bonuses are currently 7% in Water and 6.5% in all other elements. We have allies! We are a very friendly, laid back and helpful guild. We all have lives, we do not penalize/kick people as long as they let us know they may be absent for war. Come join the mighty Kraken!!!!!!!!

Communication- Kik account
Donations- 5 million gold minimum a week
War contributions- Must accumulate 500wp each war

If you are interested pls PM me and feel free to send some screenshot attachments of your gear or download KiK, and contact: dogybeast or Natorious7x