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Hello! I need to transfer my account from WIndows to Android too. I have beein tryign to get at least som responce from Customer Care, but all I got is an email saying that if I wanted transfer I had to just reply with confirmation. I have followed the step-by-step guide that's published on customer care's main page and it didn't work. I also replaied on other post of the same topic and no responce there either. I have access to my old ( Windows) account via my friend's PC and can provide any help if suport team will need it. As I mentioned in my several tickets, I have spent too much time and effort  on old account and don't want to lose it.
My last ticket's ID is 17595844.
P.S. Also, why am I not able to post in this forum?!
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Google Play (Android)


We'll I don't know what happened but its all transferred lol 😁 i really don't know but ty anyway.
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@Andrei_ts I've asked Customer Care to follow up on your cross-platform transfer request. Expect to be contacted shortly via email. Thank you.

@zaccheo7571 Happy to hear about the positive resolution. Enjoy DML on the new device :)
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