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Here’s my  ticket ID is 16299180
Hello Alex, as everyone said i should post my problem here , i am going to,During the solo event, my event progress was not saving up when the update came out, i thought to reinstall my game so it work properly, I reinstalled my game, i saw my all game progress got lost, my recuritment code, data server ,player id everything got changed, i tried every possible way to backup my game, but it failed. 
••••••••Game Details was :••••••••
My previous recruitment code was : 0a2ed4
My platform : iPhone 6 (iOS)
My Save Data Server was : apa(apa ~ gold)
My Player Id was : 2c4gf6
My Dragons were : 257/488 Dragons (Masque and      Refree to be hatched)
•••••••After reinstalling it got changed to:••••••
Recruitment code got changed to : 5f6506
Save Data Server got changed to : eur(eur ~ gold)
My gameloft player id got changed to : 7h8728
No.of dragons got changed to : 3/488 Dragons

((((On top of that my facebook id was Ajay Ajay and i cant connect my id with that empty game because i lost my facebook account as i lost my password for it and i am Canada right now, and i cant bring confirmation message from my Indian number))))

======I have my gameplay screenshots tooo=======
=====I lost so many dragons like neon, raptor, so on because i cant play my dragon mania legends=====
kindly give my game back to me
kindly reply to me
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Hey, I've answered you here: viewtopic.php?f=1798&t=637519#p3355877
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