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Game keeps on disconnecting

Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:40 pm
Yes, that allowed me to locate your ticket ID in the CC database. That being said, please reply to the Italian agent to let him know that you're unable to save the crash logs via the CatLog app, and ask him if he can provide further instructions or perhaps another method to get those crash logs. Thanks a lot.
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Re: Game keeps on disconnecting

Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:14 pm
ProudMama5SOSGleek wrote:
I just saw this thread, as I was coming to see if anyone else had mentioned these very issues. You are not alone, myself as well as other members of my clan and other android Eur users I've spoken to, all seem to be experiencing the same thing. Definitely worse after the update.

Thanks ProudMama!
At least I know I am not alone in this! I was beginning to think I was crazy, or the only one with this problem! :D

AlexYs, thank you, I will answer the Italian agent, thank you so much for your help!
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