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I shouldn’t have to explain what this bug is (beyond the subject of the post)... it’s happened the last three events in a row, and countless times before that... it’s cost us points, victories, and the associated rewards... yet GL continue to deny or ignore the bugs existence...

I have plenty of screen shots this time which I can’t attach via dictation on my drive to office, but will certainly send ASAP.

For reference, the bug appears to be of the order insecta Blattodea... and while I’ve only seen gimplses of it scurrying back down the drain dragging chocolate, sprinkles and clan members back to it’s lair, it’s evident the same bug has struck AGAIN!?!
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Hi duncand, are you by any chance in contact with our customer care team about this issue? If yes, could you please let me know your ticket ID so I can push this issue further with our tech guys and gals? Thanks a lot!
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