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Dragon Rafa

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Help me chose battle team.

Mon May 25, 2015 6:57 pm
Hi there.
I have been playing this game and reading forum from few days and i learned quite a lot and im trying now to decide on what my battle team should be.

So far i was aiming at: Tribal, Agave and Banana. I already have Tribal and Agave at lv19 with lv2 skills and Banana is already hatching.
That team had all i think i will need. Noone is from weak element to offensive elements, so no main wind, earth, metal or void.

And that to this setup i got this:
Agave - Fire Water Plant
Banana - Plant Water Energy
Tribal - Fire Earth Wind
So 1 Earth, Wind and Energy; 2 Fire, Plant and Water.

But i was able to get Agnes in event (I finished 20th) so now new possibility appears before me:
Banana - Plant Water Energy
Agnes - Fire Water Wind
Emerald - Plant Energy Earth
This setup have all i had in previous + switched 1 Fire for 1 Energy. So 2 Energy skills now instead of Fire skills.
But in this setup i wont be able to use already leveled dragons and would have still try to breed Emerald.
This will slow my progress a little now but maybe its worth.
Also this setup have a little more dmg stats and earn a little more gold per hour.
Also, in this setup i got Wind and Earth element on separate dragons so i could use those skills one after another, where on first setup i would have to wait whole round.

So how do u think. Should i aim for 2nd setup now when im still just starting?
If 2nd option then what skills to chose on Energy. Both Burnouts or 1 Burnout and 1 for stun?

And what skill on Water element. 1 regen and 1 dispell or both regeneration?

Or maybe my theory is bad and i should try to aim for something completly different?
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Lynn R.


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Mon May 25, 2015 11:20 pm
Of those two setups, I would choose the second one (with Agnes and Emerald). Since Energy is more useful than Fire in most circumstances, I would rather have an extra Energy than Fire element, and as you said, you can double up on Dark Clouds and Earth Shield on one turn. Since you don't seem to be that far into the game, it would be wise to start planning your permanent team now, while you can afford to change your mind about which dragons to choose for your team. It's better to breed a new dragon and teach that dragon skills now than it is to get too far in the game and have regrets because it's too late to change your mind, so a minor setback like breeding and training an Emerald shouldn't be too big of a deal right now.

For your Energy skills, I would choose Burnout for both Banana and Emerald. One of the reasons is because both of them are weak to Metal, so Vengeful Sword stacks would terrorize your team. Burnout gets rid of that problem, and stun doesn't. Stun is also unreliable, and while it can be pretty nice against bosses, you would have to take a gamble and pray that it works when it matters most.

For Water skills, choose Restorative Recourse for Agnes and Regeneration for Banana. If later you change your mind and only want one water typed dragon, choose Restorative Recourse. Do not train both of your Water element dragons to have Regeneration. I did when I didn't have much experience with the game and I've regretted it for a while now.

I would prefer a more rounded team, as in a team that covers all elements (besides Legendary), but the team that your planning doesn't seem bad. Having two Plant and Water types will definitely be able to get you through the Campaign Map without too much trouble.