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Special Bundles

Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:10 pm
This is mostly directed to Gameloft so they can get some sort of an idea on what motivates me personally to make purchases in game. Last night there was a bundle with the palm dragon and some food for 100 gems. Feeling that 100 gems is relatively easy to earn, I decided to go for the bundle, knowing that it could possibly save me some headache later when it becomes dragon of the week. That purchase was worth it for me. When I see dragons of the week for 1500 gems, I often find myself dealing with the frustration of just trying to breed for it instead and just letting the opportunity to buy it expire if I can't breed it by the end of the week. I know that there is a price for it in gems that I am willing to fork over, but often there is never a sale. Gameloft, if you wanna get people spending gems on dragons, you need to do sales while dragons of the week are available. I went for that bundle because it was worth it. Give people opportunities to nab the dragons of the week and month before their time limit expires. If you make it reasonable, people will buy them. I guarantee it. What are you out if you don't do this? You lose a lot of potential sales that's what you are out. Price well, and people will buy, but price too high, and no one benefits. You don't get paid, and players don't get their dragon they want.
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Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:36 pm
I love this game mostly because its easy enough that my son can play with me. He gets so excited when we get new dragons! I am not one of those people who thinks that free games should be completely free. The game is made by a business and businesses exist to make money. So since there are no external ads in game, they make money on in app $. That being said, I agree that more special promotions are a great way to improve this game. While i am not opposed to in app purchases, i have done only two in this game so far. In other games like clash of clans with much more reasonable pricing I have made quite a few purchases. I just don't understand how such a large company like Gameloft could not realize that lower prices = more buyers, and if priced right enough buyers to more than make up the for the price cut. What is worse than them not knowing the fundamentals of marketing is the complete lack of response to their customers! This post along with hundreds of others similar to it will likely continue to be ignored by Gameloft.