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It is challenging but does not discourage me. I have played game that have way more grinding than this (Lineage II for 3 years). I am stuck at Atlas (node 44) but keep doing side quests and planting sweet root to get more food to feed my dragons. I feel so exicited when I advance several nodes even though that only happen once in a while.
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Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:19 am
Yeah, that's definitely one of my long term goals, I want to see the rewards for fights on the other islands. I am only on quest 28 so far though, going to take a while for me. :D
Especially when I think about the time I need to be able to get enough dragons to level 30 to advance past level 40 with my main team.
Currently busy with level 2 new dragons for my new team to level 30+. After this team is level 40 I am probably stuck with the heroic mode for some months to get the level 30 dragons. ;)
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