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Team Question

Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:28 am
Howdy all you smarty smarts dragon players...

I wanted to start my final team and just wanted some thoughts

Ruby - for defense
Banana - for healing
Crow - main attacker

Toxic to replace Crow later once I get Banana, but may take awhile since Gameloft has most of us tied up with weekly and monthly fails, lol

thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:57 am
Here's my thoughts....which count for very little since I'm not the one fighting them...but here goes

1. I like to have Water at both ends of my team...healing options...that way my healers can work independently or together.....But with only one (in a tough battle), he's pretty much going to be healing all the time and you won't be able to use their other skills. Your Banana has other weapons you could find useful if you have the chance to use them.

2. Ruby is nice, but is not strong in hit points...I always think of my Shield as my rock that holds the team down. You might want to take a look at Clay or Elemental...they both have water and earth, plus a weapon....he could shield one turn and heal the next or fight. Or one of your choice that has strong staying power

3. Golden Crow is my favorites and on my team...he sits proudly in the middle...he can stun someone and give me an extra turn...he can put the Vengeance on my team and let the bad guys kill themselves...or he can work in harmony with your Banana and put a double whammy on Infecting them all.

So here's my breakdown for the perfect team. You should be using Epics in your team or at the least 3 skilled dragons...so assuming that...you have 9 skills between them

2 Waters
1 Earth
2 Plants
1 Energy
1 Fire
2 Whatever suits your style best (Although I have Void and Wind dragons, I don't use them unless the fight demands them...they're not strong skills)

It all comes down to what you've bred, what kind of fight you want/like to wage, and who you're fighting against.

Good luck to you in all your dragon endeavors! Happy Dragoning!