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Mon May 25, 2015 12:42 pm
Jake.Parker wrote:
Thanks for the support, and I'm finally going to be posting sections of the guide tonight. WiFi is working great and finally I'm not so busy. For now, this is my opinion on gem spending for new players. I think I posted this somewhere already but I kinda forget where.

#1 buy the starter pack while its on sale (first 48hrs after u start your account). It is well worth it. 10k food to start out is huge, 100 gems for that price is huge, and tribal and prairie (fb reward) are more than good enough to get you through the first few islands while u breed and level your desired team.

#2 buy at least 50 gems to get free 7 day VIP (as long as it is your first dml account set up on your google account (if android) otherwise u don't get that promotion)

#3 between the 100 gems from starter pack and 50+ that u bought, upgrade your hatchery to level 2

#4 use the gems u earn in the game to upgrade your portal to level 2

#5 save the rest of your gems you earn in game to renew your VIP for 20 days. I agree that VIP is way overpriced and should go back to 100 gems, but without it, your progress will be very slow. It gives you 2 pve and 2 arena energy (very very important for early progression) it doubles your rewards, also very important for progression, opens up VIP events, potentially great way to earn a good dragon early on while the events are easy, and it gives 20% extra gold. As much as I hate how they raised the price, it is pretty essential to have.

#6 use the rest of the gems you earn or buy to upgrade hatchery to level 3

I used this strategy on my second account. I only spent $5 Canadian, and in only a few days I was on the fourth island in storyline, had 3 islands unlocked, 12 level 3 farms, level 6 academy, and 3 epics and 1 legenday worth leveling up.

The events and arena become next to impossible to win once u pass level 30. So pace yourself so that you can win at least a couple good dragons first. I was lucky on second account and won the arena dragon and 2 epics very quickly, then also bred a weekly legendary, so I went ahead and passed 30.

Very nice tips.
But i have a question about those arena ranks.
Are those arena ranks now ? 1-25 26-40 41-60 ?
I would love to know exactle when i need to watch for toughter opponents.
So maybe i could slow down a little and get some decent rewards from arena rankings.
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