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Дмитрий Кузнецов

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=13pxGood afternoon!
I have a problem. A month ago there was a failure on the phone and the game was deleted. I redownloaded the game and see that the game started from lvl 1.The game was tied to a Google Play, but progress has not been preserved. I don't want to lose progress for 2 years. I can even show the old screenshots of my 97 level achievements.Why have the achievements been preserved and there no progress?
I sent support to =13pxmy Android ID. I wrote 10 letters a support, I didn't get an answer.Why does not support respond after 1.5 months? I really hope that you will help me, because the Divine event will!!
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I click on my account, but progress has not been saved((
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I’m also having the same problem yesterday when I tried to play my game it started from the being I tried to log in into my Xbox live and it wouldn’t go through please help me
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@Дмитрий Кузнецов - please post your ticket ID here and ask AlexYs to check on the status of your request.

@DeeDee1204 - Windows just did an update, and I believe the Xbox app was also recently updated. Try to log in to the Xbox app itself. Once in, if DML is on the Recently Played list, select it and tap Play. If it's not showing there, go to the My Games page, select DML and tap Play. If you get a conflict screen when the game opens, select your progress and start playing.
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