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After respawning, the ability (e.g. assault berserker, heavy health pack, increase ROF for marauder) act as if it is used up (full or partially full red circular outline). This happens even when i did not activate the ability previously or if i switched from a different class. Also i saved the airstrike for sudden death mode in CTF, and it disappeared once i spawned in the sudden death mode.

Edit: the ability bug appears to be a visual glitch. But the military support one is real. Is it intended?
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Hi everyone since upgraded mc5 I can't purchase any more credits why is that plz need help??
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1. Ability is noted, but apparently yet to be fixed :( Could you leave some details (server, dogtag)? I can forward it to the CMs.
2. Military support shouldn't disappear in SD. Likewise, add some details, I can also forward.

Check your payment details. It may be that your linked credit card is invalid, or your gift card has run out, etc. If you are able to purchase items in other games, then it's probably an issue with MC5. In that case, contact CC and they can help you sort this issue out. You can find them at: ... verify=yes
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