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Because there were no ADS (initially when the event started) in Windows, I installed MC5 on Steam and started playing afresh (anyway it is really horrible playing on Steam. The lag is more than a second and there are tons of issues with respect to movement, control and etc).

I completed 4 levels. Got stuck at 15 kills using Rocket Turret challenge (Though I had rocket turret, nobody killed by that and mostly everybody trashing the turret instead, and I did not want to spend 260 credit for that). 

I had played around 300+ matches in Sapper class and unlocked many weapons. One day before the event, I got a message that the sapper challenge is over and awarded 20 sapper packs. Yesterday, I saw that the level is reset to level 1.

Once the event is completed. I got 1 credit.

I am really overwhelmed by this gift. Thank you so much GL.
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Dude i got reseted my no reason! Need help!