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Quang N.




Re: Slow Controls

Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:09 pm
Because now it's super sensitive, you can manually crank down the sensitivity, which is what I did and it sorta worked for me. :)
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Apple (iOS)


Re: Slow Controls

Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:20 pm
Thank you Quang N.

I have turned Smooth Aim off and set sensitivity to 60/60, whereas pre-update it was at 90/90. Movement is a lot more fluid now.

However, the chat button is still being triggered and once chat box appears your movement is screwed. As I play on an iPhone XS, which only has a 5.8 inch screen, I can only move the position of the movement stick so far from the chat button before it feels awkward. It would be great if we could turn the chat button off.

Another issue on the newer iPhones is that the gesture controls can really mess up your gameplay. If you accidentally swipe up, you are thrown out of the game. And if you accidentally swipe right to left at the bottom of the screen, you end up in the previously used app. By the time you get back into the game, you are likely to have been killed. It is incredibly frustrating when you are in intense one-on-one combat at the time, and you come back and are being t-bagged. Though, this is a fault of the phones and not Gameloft.
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