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Consistently losing mission stars

Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:36 pm
=12ptHi. Long post, I apologise in advance :-|  but I'm all out of ideas and would really appreciate some help from anyone here – have been waiting 7 weeks for any sort of response from the developers so I now assume that won’t really work. I’ve bought MC since the 2nd one and only for single player, never once bothered with multiplayer due to the hackers and pay to win model. Now my budget only allows me to pay for one chapter-skip worth of coins so saving my money to skip the requirements to unlock chapter 6. So I’m forced to play the terrible multiplayer (joining a match with 2 mins left. Playing against level 120 players with pro this-and-that whilst I have level 6 players. Same map loaded despite being the only one voting each time for a different map. Suicide grenades. Knife kills from the other side of the room. Players with LGRs, etc. I truely hate multiplayer in this game ::) ) to get service stars and had to transfer to the Windows 8.1 version to really stand a chance in matches. Currently trying to unlock chapter 5 but every time I play for like 2 hrs at a time with the mandatory waits for energy (being that player who doesn't bother at all with getting/defending the flag/VIP but just randomly throwing impact grenades to get the 'three explosive kills' - it's a very un-fun miserable grind experience) I gain 10 stars, exit the game, return the next day and all 10 stars are gone. I realized this happened if I connected to Facebook – for some reason it disconnects after a few hours and I lose the stars when I get back into the game or if I re-connect Facebook. I removed the Facebook connection completely last week and still every day I log in, stars from previous session are gone. All other (completely useless to me) progress remains. Now I do realize that since all other requirements are fairly easy to obtain to unlock chapters, Gameloft can just as well ignore the bug/put in there on purpose to make us pay money to finish the single player and as much as I'm willing to do so just to finish single player at the moment I simply can’t afford 2 chapter unlocks. However to make matters worse, lately mission stars are actually reducing from their previous state – if I log in with 115 stars today, get to 120 before energy completely runs out, log in tomorrow I have 112 and so forth. And I only need 130 stars to unlock chapter 5 but can't do it in a single sitting. Funny enough the "bug", if it is one, never works in reverse, I have never gained stars randomly on a log-in or at least re-gained the ones I lost previously. Like I said Gameloft has never responded to me despite their “be patient” messages on Facebook/Twitter. So could someone help me out here beyond rebooting the game/computer – should I disconnect from the Xbox account as well (how)? Change something in my settings/account?
Thank you in advance b=12ptecause honestly at this point so frustrated and fed up with almost 2 months of this "bug" that has become much worse the last two weeks; driving me up the wall such that I might as well sink so low as to just play on Android and use hacks/patches/mods to skip all the BS 'honest-play' requirements for single player.
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Re: Consistently losing mission stars

Thu Oct 22, 2015 10:06 pm
Well, given by your original description of the multiplayer in MC5, I can believe that you've never played it before. It is really that broken.

The missing stars has been noted by Gameloft, they have claimed to be working on a hotfix, all you can do is wait.

An estimation for about how long you're going to have to wait: