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Known issues

Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:10 pm

Below are the known issues we are working on.

If you encounter any of these issues please contact Customer Care here:

Application verification error message

We have received reports from our players that they receive an error message telling them that we cannot verify the application. In order to solve the issue, please try the following steps: Reboot your device; restart your Wi-Fi connection and make sure the signal is strong; check that you have no P2P applications running; open the game. If you receive a request to validate your game, please fill in the credentials of the account you used to purchase the game. Thank you for understanding.

Suspicious activity message

Every time our system detects cheating in the game, it automatically disconnects the cheater from Multiplayer. Please be informed that in a case where cheats are used, you will be permanently banned. Thank you for understanding.

Rating points drop

We are aware of the issue affecting some of our players that their rating points get reduced even after winning the matches. Our development team is already investigating all the reported cases in order to have a solution available in a timely manner. Thank you for understanding.

Chat does not load

This issue was fixed.

Controls issues

Several of our players have reported that they experience issues with the controls in the game. They cannot move or run, and gyroscope controls make the camera drift in the wrong direction. The developers are already looking into the issue and expect to have a valid solution shortly. Thank you for understanding.

Game randomly crashes

Some of our players informed us that the game crashes as a result of random actions or events. The development team is already investigating the reports in order to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience the issue has caused.

I cannot change my name in the game

Your game name can be changed by accessing the Player Profile section (it's the second icon in the top bar of the Main Menu). In the Stats tab, you will see the Change Name option. In the case that you are logged in with a social network, your name will be automatically changed to the name indicated on that social network. If you want to change your name in this case, please log out with that social network and use the Change Name option.

No Internet connection error

Some of our players have informed us that they are unable to connect to the game due to connection errors. Please be advised that you need a very good Wi-Fi connection in order to be able to connect to the server and play the game properly.

MC is incompatible with iPhone 4

We are aware of the issue the the game can be installed on iPhone 4 but cannot be played on it. Unfortunately the game is not compatible with this device. Please contact Apple Support and request refund for the application.