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With the upcoming release of Update 2, Guilds will be available in Siegefall. Below is additional information about Guilds (will be updated more after the update launches).

Please use these forums to organize and recruit your Guilds (manage rosters, strategize, coordinate donations...etc). General questions related to the Guilds feature should still be posted in the Discussions sub-forum.

Guild Information:
  1. To create or join a guild, you'll need to upgrade your Guild Warship to Level 1.
  2. Guild Names can be 16 characters long.
  3. Guild Descriptions can be 120 characters long.
  4. The Guild Crest can be customized with a symbol, background pattern, and color.
  5. Guilds can be open or private (request to join) and can have a minimum Medal requirement.
  6. Guilds can have 15 members.
Guild sub-forum rules:
  1. If you're planning to create a Guild, create a topic with [GUILD NAME] *STATUS* *LANGUAGE* in the title.
    1. The "status" should be descriptive (Open Recruiting, Closed/Private, Looking for Members, Full...etc). You can always update your topic title anytime by editing your original post. If your Guild will be using a language other than English, please indicate this too.
  2. If you're looking to join a Guild, please post in the stickied "Recruit Me" thread (available once the update launches). Alternatively, you can find a Guild that is actively recruiting and post directly in their thread.
I am no longer working on Siegefall and have been assigned to a new Gameloft project. Please contact Customer Care for further assistance regarding the game.