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Re: List of major SF bugs

Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:20 pm
Lewis2019 wrote:
Daniel Gameloft wrote:
@Sparky, I don't quite understand the issue you're describing. It is intended for the wraith to not be destroyed by EMP. I just tested a base attack with Bones SM & full drones while EMP was active and it worked - all the drones were destroyed except the wraith.

Sparky seems to describe the opposite, i.e. Drones were present in base when EMP deployed.

what lewis said... im talking about the gold and silver drone that should be taken out with the EMP grenade perk were still in the base despite the attack log showing the perk was equipped... at first i thought the emp perk didnt get equipped before the fight.. but when i looked at the attak log they were equipped for those attacks but all drones were still present... (at the time i was fighting there was only SCAR ninja sm...) bases not equipped with SCAR SM the drones did not show up... when SCAR SM was equipped and used the emp grenade to get attack the base without the gold and silver drones in the base they were all there in the base... tried it again today with the other wraith sm's and its still happening for me...

also the watch video for rewards things not registering at the end of the videos again... sometimes closing the game and reopening will get the reward... other times i dont get it at all..
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Re: List of major SF bugs

Wed Oct 24, 2018 6:58 pm
Seems like more of a P take than a bug but todays reward of the day is just ****!

How do I get the 10 Mill odd that is left over???
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Re: List of major SF bugs

Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:49 pm
JayW wrote:
Windows 10

Disappearing Battle Logs.

I haven't figured out a pattern to this, but there will be times when I'll look to my battle logs and instead of the long list that was JUST there it will say "There are no logs to display" or instead of the long list there will only be one or two recent attacks with everything else just vanished.

yeah i ve windows 10 too but i don't know if i ve this problem or not :p