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What"s next a boost for the top levels players that only allows to compete if you  promise to lose, look i went for a year  of  being out matched and never had the offers to boost up my inventory , for one year i could not win in pvp , the strongest weapon i had  , bullets wouldn't even reach opponents , thats how weak my available weapons no match for 1000k - 1000000m weapons , but i waited and finally a strong weapon was offered to buy ,cash.. but lol , it's upgrading oooh boy , let me just say  it cost $$$$  alot , i wanted it now fully uipgraded to max , yup now  all these high level players who daily woul;d attack mutiple times , for a year .. i pay back with spades , BUT now  a boost /flag is available blocking my beatiful avenging angel weapon because it an explosive  weapon, thats weak . I do not use this over powering weapon on everyone , just  use it on players who drew first blood , especially level  70+ players raiding my level 45 homebase daily and multiple times. What happen some prima dona with lvel 80 gut their feelings hurt because a level 55 weapon blew his head off , gameloft you guys never seize to amaze me. see attach , lol  and notice the MAJOR DEFENSE ,he stacked it up, but still got his head  blown away with my  A R  weapon lol
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Re: Gameloft

Wed May 12, 2021 3:02 am
Ummmm....OK then.

Must feel better now.
Just so GL doesn't have to ask:
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