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Memorial Day Squad

Fri Apr 30, 2021 8:33 pm
Greetings everyone!

With Memorial Day coming up soon, we wanted to do something special to honor the memory of beloved Snipers that are, unfortunately, no longer with us. 

We are always grateful to see people coming together to play, but to witness you building friendships and supporting each other outside of the game itself, it makes us feel humbly proud and thankful. So to everyone in our community, thank you, and to those who are with us in spirit - you'll forever be remembered!

This May, join us as we pay homage to those whose presence had a great impact on our community. And by virtue of a few thoughtful Snipers, we were able to bring some of your comrades back in the game, as squadmates. Of course, our hearts go out to all of the fallen heroes who helped teach others, made them feel welcome in the Sniper circles, and inspired us all to view the fun side of life. 

Connect with us on Discord, where we will soon unveil who the people who inspired the Memorial Squad were, what they did, and how they impacted those around them. See the details here:!

Feel free to also join us on Discord - a place for real-time chat, tips, and updates.  :)
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