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Fri Mar 26, 2021 6:02 pm
Salutations comrades,

Update 49 has fully rolled out on all platforms! If the new content wasn't automatically downloaded, you can attempt a manual update from your store. 
Here's what you'll find in this version of the game.  p)

Significant game changes: 

1. Scaling up Drones & increasing Base Defense

A closer look into Drone stats revealed these were really low. With constant power ups for weapons, our drones and base defenses (Aegis Barrier, Jammer Turret, Decoy, Floodlights) have been left behind in terms of defensive power. So the goal here was to buff the defenses so that they pose more of a challenge. 

The Drones defensive stats have been increased by 1343%, at base level 90. For base level 1 to 59 the values have remained as before.  

2. Squad Ops Improvements

You’ll find 3 new difficulty tears to give additional usage for squadmates Tier 8 and above, and we’ve balanced the assignments according to regions - there’s an increase in tear every 3 regions. To spice things up even more, there are now 5 new Setbacks. Check out the new mix of Setbacks before starting the mission. Note these are only available for the new difficulty tiers, all the other missions have the exact same structure as before. 
keep your eyes peeled for new squdmates that might have corresponding countering skills

And the good thing, apart from the challenge itself for the courageous ones, is that higher difficulty is rewarded with more attractive winnings! 

These changes are just a few in a series of efforts to improve the overall game balance. We will continue to work on tweaking these features, so your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Recent Fixes: 

- Events went missing from some players’ game versions – has been fixed; 
- Squadmates launched with perk issues – has been corrected;
- Weapons launched with scrambled stats. Spark Plug and Solshooter Gold’s stats have been reverted to their original status, and so will any other weapons that have the same problem;
these issues occurred because of a desync between game versions; we know now how and why this happened, rest assured that all changes brought on by the latest update will be reverted

Upcoming Events: 

We’ve introduced simultaneous VIP Events! More prizes like consumables, battle packs, upgrades, drones even weapons; but most importantly, more powerful squadmates to add to your team, including some infamous Tier 11s.
And with Easter Month approaching, be sure you’ll have some cool missions and rewards to look forward to. 

As always, looking forward to your feedback, suggestions, and reports.  
Over and out.

Feel free to also join us on Discord - a place for real-time chat, tips, and updates.  :)
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