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(I got this letter from Wayne on 12.10.2018)


First of all, thank you for your dedication to the world of Haradon, and the many worlds, Heroes, and adventures within it which we built and explored together in the past three years. My name is Wayne and I’m the Studio Manager of the Gameloft Beijing office, which is where Order & Chaos 2 was created. I wanted to reply to you personally as Order & Chaos 2 is and will continue to be one of the games I’m particularly fond of. From a veteran player to another, I really understand your frustration and I’d like to personally apologize. While we would have loved nothing better than to keep building and growing OC2 to much bigger things, the sad reality is that at the current moment, there are no more resources dedicated to adding more updates to the game for the near future. However, the game is still very much playable, with regular maintenances, and if we ever do get a chance to start where we left off, you will be the first one to know about it.That being said, I deeply apologize for the issues that you have been facing recently, specifically on Battlefield. We are trying our best to identify the root cause and find a fix for it as soon as we can. As a token of appreciation for your dedication, and also for the inconvenience that the recent issues have caused, we would like to offer you a compensation of 1500 runes. Additionally, if there is any specific item (mounts, pets, and so on) in the game that you would like, please let me know, and we will see if it is possible to send it to you. Once again, from a person who lived and breathed OC2 for a long time, thank you for continuing to play our game. 

Studio Manager – Beijing
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I guess I’m pretty late but I’ve been having problems recently with support. For some reason my vanity sets buff was changed from 10% defense to 10% attack. I already had a set for attack it’s the foxfire set but now I have two sets for attack. I was wondering if you could help me out with getting a defense set again. I just want what I had. Also the set that was changed was the frosty set. My toons name is δhanks™