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Posting guidelines:

1.This subforum is dedicated to individual issues such as, but not limited to: purchase issues, tournament score issues, bans, lost items, etc.

2. Posting global issue topics such as server issues, quest bugs,etc affecting large number of players is reserved for the Bug section of the forum found here- .

3. You should only create a topic here after you have submited a ticket through the ingame menu, which can be accessed following the screenshots below. Try to include screenshots to support your claim.
4.If you can't open the game to submit  the issue, use our Customer Care webpage which can be accessed here- In this case, make sure you include the correct details regarding your platform, social network id(should be numeric if it's a Facebook log in), and affected character name in your initial message to skip the need for the agent to request these details in the first place.  

5. If you notice a topic with the same issue already posted, post your issue there, instead of creating a new topic.

6. Post here only after you have received feedback from customer care and you require further assistance with the ticket.
7. When creating a topic, make sure you include the ticket number in the message.

8. Topics not following the guidelines above may be moved/removed without further notice.
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