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How to get Gold in Update 15?

Fri Mar 23, 2018 11:18 am
Greetings Haradonians,

We know how eager you are to see Gold Drop rates improved! 

Here is what is going to change in Update 15:

I. Gold Drop rates will be significatively improved in Challenge Rush

Here is the % of increase for each stage:


II. You will be able to sell some Materials for Gold

For now, only materials that can be obtained in both Adventure and Legend Dungeons will be sellable.
Here is the full list of items:

III. This is not about Gold but... will be able to exchange your Weapon fragments from Challenge Rush! A special merchant will be added in Coramir to trade them. This function will be available from Stage 7.

Here is where the Merchants will be located:

Merchants for Stage 7-11 Weapon frags:


Merchants for Stage 12 and above:


[Edit: additionnal info below] 

IV. Improved Dungeon Loots

Players with higher levels will enjoy higher level rewards in Dungeons. For example, when a level 55 players runs a level 45 Dungeon, he/she will be able to get all the normal rewards from this Dungeon, but will also have a chance to get armor items that are given in level 55 Dungeons. 

The loot list will be available on the Dungeon UI, and will evolve with players' level.
By the way, boss skills and details info will be back too!

V. Solo Dungeon

With Update 15, it will possible to run solo dungeons again! :)

VI. PvP Material Exchange

PvP Material exchange will be back in the Battlefield Shop! To prevent players from having to derank to get what they need, a special exchange function will be added so that everyone can get lower tier materials. 
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