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Update 27 Changelogs

Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:18 pm
Update 27 arrives with Santa’s sleigh and it’s full of sparkling surprises! Gem stones, new equipment bonuses, a new equipment slot and exclusive holiday features are all coming to test your imagination and ingenuity.

Gemstones – the evolution of crafting!  (Live on December 7)
The crafting has just reached a new level! Evolve your Champion equipment by socketing valuable gems that grant game-changing bonuses. Discover a huge number of combinations by fusing and socketing gems of six unique types.
  • Gemstones will be unlocked at Castle Level 15
  • Only selected equipment items will have gem sockets, those include all Epic and Legendary quality gear
  • To unlock the gem sockets, an equipment item must first be upgraded to 3 stars
  • Equipment items will have up to 3 sockets of specific, pre-determined colors
  • When socketing gems, the color of the gem must match the color of the socket on the equipment item you’re trying to enhance
  • Any equipment item that is socketed with a gem will be placed in an entirely New Inventory, which will allow only a certain amount of Socketed Items to be placed inside. You can increase the size of the Socketed Items Inventory up to 100 by using a bunch of the new Jeweler’s Tools item
  • Keep in mind that if your Socketed Items inventory is full or you wish to recover gems you have already socketed, you can always remove gemstones from equipment by using the new Jeweler’s Tweezers item
  • You will be able to find gems in your Daily Quest chests and Stronghold chests, in rewards from Events, at the Exotic Dealer’s, and of course in our special gem offers.
  • Discover a huge amount of combinations that yield different results - test new strategies and surprise your enemies
The gems will have 6 colours. Each colour will have up to 4 different shapes. Depending on their colour and shape, gems grant different bonuses to the equipment item they are socketed in. In addition, there are 6 levels of gemstones available for each color and shape. Fuse gems of the same colour and level to receive a higher level gem for increased bonuses. Mix and match until you find the most powerful combination.
  • Red Gems
    • Garnet – Iron Income
    • Carnelian – Resource Rewards (from adventures)
    • Ruby – Siege Attack & Health
    • Imperial Topaz – Ranged Attack & Health
  • Blue Gems
    • Zircon – Silver Income
    • Apatite – Trade March Capacity
    • Aquamarine – Champion XP
    • Sapphire – Faction Unit Attack & Health
  • Yellow Gems
    • Sunstone – Wood Income
    • Sphene – Gathering Speed
    • Topaz – Defences Effect & Durability
    • Citrine – Spearmen Attack & Health
  • Green Gems
    • Alexandrite – Food Income
    • Peridot – Upkeep Reduction
    • Jade – Healing Speed
    • Emerald – Swordsmen Attack & Health
  • White Gems
    • Quartz – Stone Income
    • Moonstone – Spy Mission Speed
    • Goshenite – March Speed
    • Diamond – Cavalry Attack & Health
  • Prismatic Gems
    • Spinel – Health vs. Encounters
    • Tourmaline – Attack vs. Encounters
    • Iolite – Army Health
    • Amethyst – Army Attack
Note that the Prismatic Gems are special gems that can go into any socket, regardless its colour. Because these gems are so powerful, they can only be crafted by fusing any 4 gems of a specific level to create 1 Prismatic Gem of that level (or 4 prismatic gems of one level lower). In addition, some equipment items (like Cloaks and Trinkets) have Prismatic Sockets, which allow you to use a gem of any colour!

New Equipment Slot – Cloaks! (Live on December 7)
Complete your Champion’s formidable look with a Cloak that will underscore your skills and might perfectly. Cloaks are a unique new equipment item that brings special bonuses unlike any you’ve seen before. The new bonuses scale depends on the quality of the Cloak. Check them out:
  • Gathered Resource – gain X% additional resources based on the amount and type of resources gathered at a resource tile when the army returns to your city.
  • Strength vs. Encounters (Stackable Effect) – Gain X% Army Attack & Health vs. Encounters for 30 minutes after defeating a PvE Encounter Camp with your Champion leading the army. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Trade Deal Modifier – improves the Trade Deal exchange rate so that you can trade even more favorably.
  • Lower Enemy Attributes in Combat – reduce enemy player Army Attack & Health by X% giving you a much needed edge in player vs. player combat.
  • Ability Power – Increases the effectiveness of any Faction Unit ability by X%. The bonus is applied only if your Champion leads the army.
  • Auto-Heal Units After Battle - Automatically heals X% of the Wounded or Killed troops after battle and adds them to the army. Note that if a leader of a Rally has this attribute in his gear, the effect is applied to all the allied participating players after a battle is performed. The attribute is functional only if the Champion leads the army.
Personal Event Milestones
Now every player can get rewards from events upon achieving their personal milestones. King or squire – everyone counts! The personal goals will always be in the form of milestones and will grant excellent rewards for your efforts. You can expect to see the following Personal Events:
  • Train Units
  • Gain Might (construct/upgrade a building or research)
  • Pillage/Recover Capitals (combined with Cross-Realm Invasion):
    • Participate in the combat phase of a Pillage Capital rally (both offensive and defensive)
    • Use a Capital Recovery Token
  • Burn/Loot Cities (combined with any Cross-Realm event):
    • Burn cities of players from another realm (defeat a player in his city to make it burn)
    • Loot resources from a player from another realm (from winning a battle against their city)
  • Siege Battles (combined with the Cross-Realm Siege event):
    • Participate in siege battles
  • Purge Barbarians (combined with Barbarian Assault) with objectives:
    • Defeat Barbarians on mines or regional structures
Festive Season in Your Realm!
The holidays are coming to your Castle – enjoy tons of exclusive activities!
  • Lottery: Christmas edition - a total winter overhaul of the lottery section is coming with a sacksful of new rewards so go on and test your luck – miracles do happen! Note that the special festive rewards in the lottery will appear when the holidays are near.
  • My Lords and Ladies, the Chateau awaits you – check out the brand new City Skin you can get!
  • Snowball Fun Events - Join the Snowball events and roll a snowball to the enemy’s capital to hit it, score points and see what presents await you. The Snowball Fun Events will start on December 10th .
  • New PvE: The Vikings – Are you ready to stop the Nordic Invasion? Sweep away all their camps from the world map and pile up some cool new equipment for your Champion! (Live on December 9th at 1am GMT)
  • Special Winter Calendar rewards - Save the dates between 18th of December – 2nd of January and login every day to claim fantastic gifts from the calendar!
Other Changes & Improvements
  • The transfer between realms of accounts that are older than 14 days is now limited - if a player has had his castle for more than two weeks, he/she won’t be able to transfer to other realms. 
  • Daily Urn cooldown is now 1 hour (down from 2 hours)
  • Daily Quests have received some tuning and should now be more appropriate depending on the player’s Castle level
  • Language menu changes
  • Path to Glory XVIII
  • Now that your strength can grow bigger with the new powerful bonuses and equipment, we’d like to notify you that the Barbarian Hordes (Events) and Resistance Camps (Purge the Realm) have adjusted their powers, too, to be better prepared when they meet you in battle. Their Attack and Health bonuses are now increased to bring them closer to their intended power level.