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Update 26 Changelogs

Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:26 pm
Update 26 is here and it comes stuffed with sweet new features for you to enjoy! Get ready for the new spine-chilling journal missions, a terrific new Lottery experience and many other Halloween treats!

Solve the Dark mysteries in the new Journal Missions!
Complete 3 huge story chapters of the new questline. The new narrative will be unlocked during Halloween and will present a unique holiday-themed gameplay. You must stop the hordes of undead or they will plague your lands. Be brave and protect the town hall from the waves of their hideous army. Only those that manage to survive until the end will get exclusive chests full of Halloween treats.
Again the choices you make will lead your storyline and will unlock various boosts and bonuses for you to use in your final battle against the undead rivals. So be wise and proceed with caution!

New Lottery (Available from October 26)
We have revamped our Lottery Section, too, my Lords. Now you can choose between 4 lottery submenus – the Common, the Royal, the Imperial and the Special Lottery. Just don’t be scared to roll the dice and aim for the biggest prize!
  • Common Lottery – it now comes with Multiplier buttons - x10, x30 and x100. Each multiplier button will require an active VIP status and a specific VIP level.
  • Imperial Lottery – a card-based lottery in which your luck is your best friend. You will need 100 of the new Imperial Lottery Tickets to play it. Just click on the button to shuffle the cards and then pick one. You can do that multiple times until you open all cards and until you have Imperial Lottery Tickets, of course. You can earn them from daily quests, as calendar rewards and from bundles. Be on the lookout for the new tickets in the special Halloween calendar rewards!
  • Special Lottery – this card-based lottery will come in different gift sets so keep an eye on the Lottery menu and get ready to test your chances and add to your inventory all those items you have always wanted.
Celebrate Halloween in Your Realm
  • PvE Halloween – The Halloween Knights will rise once again to instill fear in your people – banish the new foes away and collect unique gear (the Halloween Knights will arrive on October 28, 01:00 GMT)
  • Jump into the Pumpkin Hunts. Be quick and beat your fellow lords to the bewitched squashes that are scattered around the map. The fastest ones will reap all the rewards. More info about the Pumpkin Hunts start date will soon be available in-game and on our Facebook page.  
  • Special Halloween Calendar rewards - Starting on October 29 and running until November 4th you will be able to login daily to claim your special holiday rewards. Each day you can gain gold, useful boosts, Paragon XP or good amounts from the new Imperial Lottery tickets.
Other Changes and Improvements
  • Realm Transfer Limitation – We’re introducing a new restriction on realm transfers. Any players that have been students or are currently students are no longer eligible for a realm transfer. This change will take effect on 29th of October 2018 at 12:00 GMT.
  • Account linking – if you are not signed into a social account (Google Play on Android or Game Center on iOS, or Microsoft Account on Windows), and you start the game - a Login screen will appear to remind your to link your progress. Device linking menu has also been revamped to help you select which save you would like to keep – device progress or social account progress.
  • Repair items – you can get these vouchers from the Shop and use them to instantly repair your Disabled defenses.
  • Walk the new Path to Glory and claim new legendary gear for your Champion.