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Update 24 Changelogs

Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:48 am
This summer is going to be eventful with the hot new features of Update 24! Unique stories, challenges and arduous quests await to be explored and untangled with the Narrative Journal Missions and the Hall of Fame Feats. Are you ready to put your valor and persistence to the test?
The Narrative Journal Missions
There have been rumors among the country folk that your realm has been collapsing under attacks of unknown foe. Holly, the tavern keeper’s daughter, is the only one brave enough to come and tell you about the atrocities that your people are facing. Are you curious to know how this story goes on? Then be ready to build it up in your own Narrative Journal. Complete five missions and let the story unfold based on your decisions. Will you be the noble knight or the ruthless ruler?
  • The Narrative Journal Missions is a time-limited story which will be available for 24 hours.
  • It will present the players with a 5-step progression with a different mission at each step (explore, search, siege, prepare and raid) and a challenging finale.
  • Each of the missions includes sending a march to an unseen before object on the World Map.
  • Completing a mission will lead to the next one, and completing the final 5th mission will complete the entire story.
  • The completion of each mission from Step 1 to Step 4, provides a passive bonus that you can use to successfully complete Step 5 Mission, i.e. the whole story. The bonus could be for example “Skip one or two battle waves”, “Remove enemy bonuses”, “Remove enemy Units Skills”, etc.
  • At the end of the day, the history remembers the victors so complete all the missions successfully and be heaped with tons of rewards!
  • Narrative Journal is not an event – it doesn’t have an event menu, milestones and leaderboards
  • Players under level 3 will not participate in the Narrative Journal Missions. They will only see the locked version of the world map objects.
  • If player goes to other Realm (e.g. during Cross-realm or Atlantis event) he will receive a pop-up notifying him that his Narrative progress will be lost.
  • During Cross-realm event invaders don’t see the Narrative feature and can’t interact with Narrative objects on the World Map.
*be on the lookout for more info on when the first Narrative Journal Missions will be available
Hall of Fame
“Augustus carnifex venator” – no, that’s not a Latin proverb, my Lords…These are names of the new feats you can now unlock and carve your name with golden letters in the Hall of Fame. Be the top-lord in your kingdom and earn the respect of the whole realm by letting your feats speak for you. You will be bestowed with unique medals for your achievements, and with terrific gifts.
Players will compete for three types of medals – Heroic, Seasonal and Personal Feats. All medals earned by a player will be visible for everyone in the Player Profile and/or in the Kingdom menu
Heroic Feats (Kingdom Menu)
The Heroic Feats are first-time achievements for a Realm and they can be earned only once. Each unlocked Heroic Feat will award a badge and an additional reward at the end of the Season. There are 5 heroic feats:
  • Augustus – Be the first Emperor to constantly hold the Throne of Might for 7 consecutive days. Getting the Augustus Heroic Feats awards a unique city skin – the Formidable Throne!
  • Carnifex - Be the first player to incapacitate 20,000,000 Tier-II or above units of enemy Players (PvP only, regardless of where the battle has occurred.)
  • Venator - Be the first player to defeat 1,500 Level 7 Encounter camps.
  • Victor - Be the first player to win 75 Solo Events.
  • Aquilifer - Be the first player to train 10,000,000 Tier-V Units.
All players will start their Heroic Feat progress from scratch – the current progress on any other similar Leaderboards will not be counted. Each new Realm (including the new Realms after a Merge) will have new Heroic Feats, therefore a single Player could have more than one Heroic Feat of a kind.
Seasonal Feats (Kingdom Menu)
Claiming all Heroic Feats on a Realm will unlock the Seasonal Feats, however keep in mind that a season may not be currently active at that time. Feat Seasons will be much longer than regular events and will begin and end at the same time on all Realms.
Each feat will have a Leaderboard, which will track the progress of the players during the Season (similar to the event ones) and each achieved Seasonal Feat will award a medal and an additional reward at the end of the Season. After the Season ends and the new one starts, the feats are reset, and everyone starts the competition from scratch. Here are the 8 Seasonal Feats available:
  • Caesar - Hold the Throne. Note that when a Throne of a player is contested, it is still counted as ‘his’ so, he continues to gain time.
  • Strategos - Incapacitate Enemies (PvP only – Tier-II or above units of enemy players, regardless of where the battle occurred)
  • Vindex - Defeat Encounters (Only PvE Camps within the Guardian Level)
  • Centurion - Defeat Raid Waves (Counts each defeated wave when Leader of a Rally)
  • Primus - Win Solo Events.
  • Quaestor – Gather Resources (Counts each gathered resource, including Gold)
  • Hastiliarius - Train Tier-V Units
  • Fortis – Win Paragon Points
Personal Feats (Player Profile)
The Personal Feats are repeatable objectives which you can find in the Player Profile. From Signifer (Train Units) to Praetorian (Incapacitate Enemies) and Conquistador (Win Atlantis), there are over 20 types of personal feats you can now explore and work towards to claim their badges.
Note that a player can have multiple amount of the same badge.
  • For Seasonal Feats, If there are two players with the same score at the end of a Season, the one who reached it first will earn the feat
  • The Heroic & Seasonal Feats will be included in the Realm Chronicle announcements
  • Heroic & Seasonal Achievements will award Avatar Frames
  • Points for Seasonal and Heroic Feats will not be counted on invaded Realms
*be on the lookout for more info on when the Hall of Fame feats will be unlocked
New PVE – Thieves Camps (available on July 29, 01:00 GMT)
Deploy your brute force and push the thieves back. Plan the attack together with your allies, loots the hideouts and collect their stolen treasures.
  • Beat the New Path To Glory challenges
  • Remodel your city with the beautiful new skins
  • New seasonal surprises in the lottery and the calendar.