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Update 23 Changelogs

Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:16 am
My Lords,

Update 23 has arrived and it brings a new Cross Realm event and a Realm Chronicles section for you to carve your name into history! Also, а long awaited feature has debuted – a brand new equipment slot for your Champion, while the special Football events are back in the spotlight.

New Cross Realm Event: Artefact Wars – Let the Ultimate Treasure Hunt Begin!
Long lost treasures have started appearing in your lands, my Lord. The legend has it that whoever owns them all, will be bestowed with immense power and riches. But also, it’s been said that those precious Artefacts will spark a brutal conflict spanning over many realms in which only the most courageous and daring warriors will prevail…

Brave rulers from different realms will clash in a merciless fight to find and collect all the Artefacts! Work together as a Realm and outsmart your foreign opponents to find and steal their Artefacts before they do. You will need both good strategy and luck to succeed. Control all the Artefacts until the end of the foreign invasion and massive rewards will spawn in your lands! Artefact Wars will have two phases: Preparation and Invasion phase.

Preparation Phase
During the preparation phase (similar to Fortification in the Cross Realm Invasion event), players will collect Artefact Fragments to fill up an Artefact Bar. Every time the bar is filled up the Realm will receive an Artefact. There will be 3 types of Artefacts: Golden, Silver and Bronze ones. They provide different amount of event points, and every Realm will start with 1 Golden, 2 Silver and 10 Bronze Artefacts.
  • Players can collect Artefact Fragments by depleting resource tiles and defeating encounters.
  • Once all Artefact bars are filled up, players will still be able to generate points for the leaderboard rewards, but no new Artefacts will be unlocked.
  • In the meantime, the Emperor should choose where to hide the artefacts generated by the realm effort. Only he/she will see them on the World Map, while all the other players will not know where the Artefacts are hidden. Note that once the preparation phase is over, all Artefacts that are not hidden will be automatically put in random Regional Capitals.
  • The Emperor cannot hide Artefacts in the Throne of Might and the Seats of Power
  • There can only be one Artefact per Regional Capital.
  • Regional Capitals and the Throne of Might will be protected from regular conquest during the entire Artefact Wars Event (3 days).
Invasion Phase
During the Invasion phase players will be able to teleport to other enemy Realms and scout Regions to find the hidden Artefacts. All Regional Capitals with a hidden Artefact that get scouted will reveal the Artefact and they will become available for attack (i.e. their protection will be removed).
  • Once the scout enters a Regional Capital with a hidden Artefact both Realm invaders and defenders will receive a mail with the Capital’s coordinates, so each of both sides can rally those Capitals with their allies. (Note that Fearless Marches and War Rallies no longer work during Realm vs. Realm events.)
  • Once an invader army reaches the Capital, an “Extraction” timer will start. When the time is over the invaders will steal the Artefact and move it to a random Capital on their home realm.
  • If the “Extracting” rally is defeated in combat, it will be kicked out of the capital and the “Extraction” timer will be reset.
  •  Players on their home Realm can’t reinforce or scout home regions if they are not contested by an invader’s army
  • An Artefact Menu will present all revealed Artefacts on the realm you are currently at. The Emperor always sees the location of all Artefacts, but only while he/she is in her home realm.
  • The current condition of a Regional Capital with an Artefact is also displayed in the Realm Artefact menu – Protected (only the Emperor would see this state with hidden artefact inside)/Occupied/ Unoccupied.
Note! During the Artefacts Wars there will be Alliance event that counts the invading units killed (Similar to Cross-Realm Unit-Killing Event, but only for invader units)

Scoring and rewards
Artefacts provide event points for a particular time, and even bigger amount of points for each Artefact in your Realm at the end of the event. The Realm with the highest amount of points at the end of the event will win.
*We will announce a few days in advance on our Facebook page and in-game about the starting time and schedule of the events.

New Trinket Equipment - More bonuses for your champion, more might! (Unlocked on June 18, around 12:00 GMT)
Ancient charms, steel talismans, Barbarian necklaces, wisdom trinkets, and many more unique jewels and statuettes can now be obtained and crafted for your Champion to wear in battle. Besides the good luck they bring, they will also unleash powerful effects on you and your opponents. So adorn your hero’s armory and enjoy brand new skill boosts.

Realm Chronicles – Your Heroic Deeds Are Now Part of the Realm Chronicles! (Unlocked on June 18, around 12:00 GMT)
Become part of the Realm history and let everyone know about your heroic deeds! Get informed about all the meaningful and impactful events in your lands by a special broadcast in the Global and Alliance chat. Develop the lore your Realm needs and have those lessons you learnt the hard way scripted down on the pages of your Kingdom!
The Realm Chronicles will be written in the Chronicles Menu. It will contain daily and weekly logs. Every log entry will be broadcast in the Global and Alliance chats as a system message with its own Realm Avatar and color.

Join the Realm Golden Cup Rush!
  • New PvE Encounters: Challengers – Do you dare challenge the professionals in medieval football? Train your army and enter the arena. The winner takes it all – an exclusive equipment chest! (Unlocked on June 17, around 01:00 GMT)
  • Special Football Events – Exclusive Football events will take over the realm. Clash with enemy alliances to become the champion team of your kingdom. Only one will outwit the rest and win the Golden Cup. One simple rule: kick the ball to the enemy Capital and score points. We will announce a few days in advance on our Facebook page and in-game about the starting time and schedule of the events.
  • You can now enjoy better and smoother visuals especially on the Map view with the new option to switch to 60 FPS. Simply go to the Options menu and try it out.                 
  • The War Rallies policy and Fearless Marches decree will no longer apply their effects during Realm vs. Realm events
  • Trading post tokens – from now on, there will be a number of trading marches tokens available to the player and each time he sends a trading march the number of tokens will be reduced by one. There will be a trading march token generation timer that will give an extra trading march token every 30 minutes (until a certain maximum is reached) (unlocked on June 18, around 12:00 GMT)
  • The Player’s VIP level will be visible in his/her Profile and in the chat
  • New Path to Glory unlocked