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Invite a friend - how does it work?

Tue May 22, 2018 3:58 pm
My Lords,
You can now invite friends and win awesome rewards for this!
Here is a short guide on how the new “Invite a friend” feature works and what you and your friends need to do in order to start playing together and both receive valuable milestone rewards.
  1. To invite someone, you need have your Castle at level 15 or above.
  2. To send an invite link to your friends, head to in-game “Options” and tap on “Invite a Friend”.
  3. Tap on "Copy Invite Link" or “More…” buttons to send an invite link (e.g. through an email, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line, etc. ). You can also share the invite link on Twitter, Facebook or on any other channel.
  4. When your friend/friends click on the link, they will see a web page with 2 listed steps.  
    - If they don't have the game installed, they should click on the first link to download the game. Once they do, they should go back to the same page with the steps, and click on "Open Game" button. If they don’t open the game from the web page "Open Game" button, they won’t be listed as your friends and you both won’t be getting any rewards.
    - If your friend/friends already have the game installed, they should click directly on "Open Game". They, however, should be level 15 or below, to be added as your friends.
Voila, you now have grown your friends circle in the game!
  1. In order for you to claim the milestone rewards for inviting your friends, they will need to progress to the respective level.
  2. Your friends will also receive a special chest for joining your friends circle once they reach level 15.
So what are you waiting for - invite all your friends to join the epic war of lords and enjoy March of Empires together! The more, the mightier!