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Update 22 Changelogs

Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:01 pm
My Lords,
Update 22 is here and it’s promising legendary times ahead! A travelling hero arrives in your castle, 5 new Champion levels unlock unique sets of talents, 3 new spy missions and 5 more VIP levels give game-changing bonuses and more!

New Features
Travelling Hero Missions (Available on April 26th)
A weary traveler will soon dock his ship in your city to ask for help. There are many injustices that plague the land and he needs your aid to help the people.
  • The Travelling Hero will arrive in player Castles above lv. 7 and will offer one mission per day
  • If you manage to complete his missions successfully, you will earn a chest with unique gear. This will increase your reputation level as well. The higher the reputation level, the better the chest you will receive.
  • Each mission requires specific amount of time indicated by a timer, and there will be various mission types – e.g. Build, Train, Research, Construct Defenses, Complete Adventures, etc.
Get Even Sneakier With The New Spy Missions! (Available on April 30t h at 12:00 GMT)
Your Spies can now reach Level 15 and have even better chance to succeed in mission. More importantly, at level 13 each spy can unlock a new mission type:
Wound a Spy (Assassin)
You can now sneakily attack an enemy Spy and wound them almost lethally – this will take them out of order until they are properly healed. If your Assassin is successful in his task, you will gain +50% Spy Mission Speed for the next 3 hours. Here are some additional facts about this mission:
  • Enemy Spies on a mission cannot be wounded
  • The 'negative'-wound effect of the mission cannot be canceled with Security from the Dungeon
  • The Vigor is not replenished for wounded Spies. When the Spy is healed, his Vigor is replenished to the maximum
Sabotage Logistics (Saboteur)
Sabotage the enemy headquarters and bribe key royal servants. After a successful mission, your enemy will not be able to relocate his City and they will repeatedly divert up to 2,250,000 resources for the next 2 hours in your direction. If you have been a target of such successful mission, you will have a padlock sign around your Castle which will be visible for everyone. Here are some additional details:
  • The negative Sabotage Logistics effect can be removed from the Dungeon, using the Security at any time.
  • If the victim relocates to another Realm during a cross-realm or Atlantis Event, the effect is canceled – as any other negative effect is canceled too.
  • If your victim has his stockpiles absolutely empty, no resources will be sent to you
Expose Weakness (Infiltrator)
Infiltrate the enemy high command and find the weak spots in their forces. Your will receive 250% Army Attack & Health bonus in the battles against that enemy over the next 30 minutes. The target of your successful mission will be marked with a target symbol on their Castle on the World map and it will be easily reachable by a World map indicator. Here are some additional details:
  • The 'negative' effect cannot be canceled. The targeted player is informed by the Espionage report that he is 'vulnerable' to incoming attacks.
  • The effect is applied to the player, so he will be vulnerable to attacks not only when in his Castle, but at any other location, too.
New VIP Levels (Available on April 30t h at 12:00 GMT)
Climb the ladder of the new VIP levels and leave your opponents in the dust:
  • VIP Levels 16-20 have been added with increased bonuses.
  • Several unique new VIP bonuses have been added, including bonus Paragon Points, Spy Security increase and a Rally Health bonus for each army that joins it
New Champion Levels (Available on April 30t h at 12:00 GMT)
  • Reach Champion level 75 and stand tall above your enemies
  • Explore the new talents of your Champion that have been added to each talent tree for even more powerful bonuses
  • Go ahead and try out the new recipes for legendary equipment
Brand New PvE camps – the Ronin Wildlands (Available on April 29t h at 01:00 GMT)
The Samurai have travelled a long way from the East to debut in your realm with their sharp naginatas! Don’t let them turn your lands into wildlands - team up with your allies and plan your strategy to stop their invasion and loot uniquely themed equipment.

Celebrate the Golden Week
  • Special Relic Hunt event awaits – go on the hunt for the antique relics and claim your rewards in gold during this exclusive event. Be on the lookout for more info in our in-game news section and our Facebook page about the precise date of the event.
  • Exclusive Calendar rewards from April 28th to May 6th
  • Lottery: Golden Week Edition (available from April 28 until May 22, 2018)
More Cool Stuff
  • Invite a Friend option – Invite all your buddies to the game – the more the merrier. Receive valuable rewards when they reach progress milestone. And your friends will also receive a special chest for the achievement. To invite someone, head to “Options” and select “Invite a Friend”. (The feature will be available shortly after the Update - be on the lookout for more info in our in-game news section and our Facebook page about the precise date)
  • Compete for the shiny new set of exclusive Emperor gear
  • Regional Capitals reinforcement size will be 4.4 mln as of April 30th
  • Allow the rally leader to remove rally participants from rally
  • The next Path to Glory is unlocked
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • We fixed an issue where Barbarians Hordes and Resistance Bases did not use their full force when battling players which made them an easier enemy to defeat.