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Update 21 Changelogs

Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:02 pm
Greetings, my Lords,
Prepare for a bigger, better and bolder Update 21! This time, the Leprechaun has fulfilled more than 3 wishes of yours – a new Stronghold level, new research era, different faction units, crafting improvements and an Atlantis event for castles level 15 and above. And there’s even more…so read on to find out!

Stronghold Level 31 – break the limits and grow bigger!
(Note that you will be able to upgrade your Stronghold to level 31 as of March 19th)
Push your limits by advancing to the new max level of your stronghold. It will unlock a new research era for major gameplay improvements, a new class of faction units and a new battle formation that will open additional strategic options in combat.

New Research Era VI
New Research Era VI will be unlocked with 40 new research levels.
  • Military – faster training speed and bigger train capacity
  • PvE – greater attack and health boost against encounters
  • Healing – heal faster and increase Temple capacity
  • New Faction Units unlocked!
  • And more!
A New Class of Powerful Faction Units
You unlock the new faction units with a research from the new Research Era VI. Depending on the faction you have selected, you will be able to train the new faction units – each with unique skills that can impact the battle:
  • Yeoman Archers (Kings). Skilled with the bow, they fire a deadly salvo of arrows at a targeted enemy squad dealing greatly increased damage.
  • Mamluks (Sultans). During combat, this squad of Cavalry Units pushes the enemy on one tile back, if there's space. If there's not, the enemy units will be stunned for a turn.
  • Varangians (Tsars). This squad of Foot Soldiers inspires all nearby troops and for a short duration of time they take greatly reduced damage from ranged attacks.
Also, you will be able to choose which type of Faction Units to be part of your Army for City Defense, in case you are attacked (similar to the Mercenaries). In order to do that, there are two rules - at least one of them must be met so that your preferred elite warriors can join your army:
  • The Faction Units of your choice are more than the other Faction Units
  • These Faction Units are at least a predefined % of the player's Defensive Rally Size.
Note that: During the Faction Power policy, which allows one more Faction Unit slot to be used in the Formation, you will not be able to use your two separate Faction Units in two separate slots.

Other Perks of Upgrading your Stronghold to Level 31
  • Bigger marches and rally size - Edge out your opponents with increased march and rally size of your army. Besides, you can train more units and heal faster.
  • All buildings can reach Level 31 – Take the huge advantage from the boosted stats of all city buildings. You will definitely become more productive and efficient.
  • New Battle Formation – Find counters to existing strategies and see how this new formation fits into the meta.
Atlantis Is More Inviting Than Ever!
Welcome on board, my Lords! Atlantis is now open for anyone level 15 and above! That is if you dare to join the massive army clash, of course. Discover the revamped Atlantis Island and join the deeper and richer world where the survival is the only option. Also - you can now enjoy a streamlined and polished Atlantean experience with new Atlantis Tasks, Spoils of War and Attack Cooldown.

Atlantis Tasks
At the beginning of the Atlantis event, players that have been teleported to the mythical island will receive their 3-task quest. They will need to complete the first task to unlock the next one. For each completed task from the quest, players will receive special rewards. There are 6 types of tasks:
  • Gather X mines
  • Raid X Temples
  • Gather X Power Storages
  • Wound X Player Units
  • Kill X Players
  • Gather X Player Spoils of War
Atlantis Quests will count only for current Atlantis and if player is eliminated, quits or the event is over all non-completed tasks will disappear and no reward will be provided.

Spoils of War
A chest with Spoils of War will appear on the tile of a player’s Castle when he/she is eliminated. You can collect it with army similar to the marches sent to Storages. Once your march reaches the chest there will be a collection period, during which other players can attack you. When you collect the Spoils of War, the reward will be added to your inventory.
Attack Cooldown Rule
New Atlantis, new rules – we are introducing a cooldown period of a few minutes between attacks. This means that when the cooldown is activated, you won’t be able to send Attack marches to other players, but you will be able to defend your city and world map objects you have already occupied. Once the Atlantean Seats are open, the cooldown rule will be removed of which you will be notified by an in-game message.
Enhanced Guardian Feature (Available on March 16th)
Increase your Guardian Level and unlock powerful PvE bonuses! Keep collecting Guardian points and they will get you closer to the new shiny Guardian Chest.
Guardian Level enhanced
The Guardian Level will provide bonuses like Attack vs PvE, Health vs PvE, and March Size vs PvE for each level you reach. You can check your current bonuses from a pop-up, opened from the Encounter Camp menu.
Guardian Chest
From now on gained Guardian Points will help you fill the Guardian level and a new Guardian Chest bar up. When the latter is all filled up, a Guardian Chest full of prizes will be added to your Inventory. The best thing is that even after maxing-out all your Guardian Levels, the Guardian Chest bar will still be there, challenging you and rewarding you with nice prizes, each time you fill it with the necessary points.
Spring Forward to the New Seasonal Treats!
  • New PvE camps – The Defilers Return! Spring to arms and completely ruin their temples to collect powerful new equipment for your champion. (Available on March 18th, 01:00 GMT)
  • Special Easter Calendar – Be smart and login every day as alluring treasures will be waiting for you!
  • Lottery: Spring Edition – A new vernal look of the lottery is coming up with refreshed arsenal of rewards!
Quality of life Improvements
  • Equipment and Crafting improvements – stay organized with hundreds of gear pieces by the new search and filter functions.
  • VIP menu rework
  • City skins menu redesign
  • Event rule books – learn more about your favorite events in the new rule books available in the game
  • Mentoring system improvements
  • New Path to Glory