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Update 20 Changelogs

Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:48 am
Greetings, my Lords,
Update 20 is here and it is the best update to start the new 2018! We are introducing a Mentoring Program for all studious and super ambitious warriors out there, a new Realm Rivalry event –– for all those who thrive when they vie, plus a lot of other glorious new features that will help you outshine the competition!
Mentoring Program – Scientia est Potentia!
Give 2018 a head start with our new Mentoring Program - learn the ropes of the game straight from the proven masters! Or mentor the young leaders in your realm and pay your wisdom forward – it will earn you both fame and riches!
Mentor’s Role
Do you consider yourself a skilled enough player? If yes, then why not become a mentor and help others grow? You can mentor up to 5 students and guide their way to proficiency – simply teach them your hard-learnt lessons, send them donations and receive rewards from the efforts of your disciples.
  • Players unlock the Mentor option at Castle level 15.
  • Mentor menu is accessible from the Champion screen.
  • Mentors can invite players to become their students, but it won’t work the other way around.
  • Mentors can invite only players from their realm, level 1 to 14, no matter their alliance allegiance.
  • Mentors invite players via mail containing information and yes/no option.
  • Mentors can remove students once every 6 hours;
Student’s Role     
  • Students can’t have more than 1 mentor simultaneously, but if they leave their mentor, or the Mentor removes them, they will be able to accept invites from other Mentors.
  • Once a Student reaches level 15 his connection with the Mentor will be over and he will be removed from the Mentor’s list 
Missions & Rewards
  • When students complete their missions successfully, both Mentors and Students receive rewards. The rewards can be anything from resources and boosts to gold.
  • Missions types:
  1. Castle Level Up
  2. Encounters defeated (any encounter)
  3. Champion level reached
  4. Researches completed (any era)
  5. Units trained
  6. Resources gathered on the world map
RvR Cases
  • When players are outside of their realm their Mentor-to-Student connection is temporary locked, even if they are on same realm. When players return to their home realm they can update their missions’ progress.
New Event – Realm Rivalry!
General Info
  • Two large Fortresses will spawn at the start of the Event – a golden one and a dark one.
  • All players in a realm will be split in two rival teams – the Golden Coats and the Dark Capes. A background color under the Castle’s level on the World map will define which rival team the player belongs to.
  • Both teams start with an initial Gold reward.
  • A Medieval road will connect the two Fortresses – it represents the Battering Ram’s route. Players cannot teleport on the Ram’s way.
  • A Battering Ram will be placed in the middle of the Medieval Road between the Fortresses
  • Rebel Forces will be protecting the Battering Ram – players will have to defeat the Rebel Forces to score points and reach event’s milestones to be able to push the Ram towards the enemy Fortress.
  • Players will have to pass an event tutorial to be able to take part in the Realm Rivalry event.
Scoring and Rules
  • The Rebel Forces at the Battering Ram have three difficulty levels to choose from – Easy, Normal and Hard. Rebels of higher difficulty levels provide more points but they are far better clad and prepared for battle. 
  1. Easy level – 1 points
  2. Normal level – 3 points
  3. Hard level – 7 points
  • The first team to reach 350 points will push the ram towards the opposite fortress
  • After advancing, the Battering Ram stops and remains protected for a brief period of time.
  • Then, it is again ambushed by the Rebel Forces and you and your team will need to repel them once again so that you can move the Ram forward.
  • If the Battering Ram reaches one of the Fortresses, the respective Fortress is breached and a portion of its Gold reward is transferred to the opposite team. But the clash does not stop there - the sacked fortress will rise from its ashes soon and the rivalry will be renewed to put the winners to the test.
  • A new medieval road between the Fortresses will be reappearing in 5 minutes somewhere else on the World map.
  • When the event is over, all players that reached the 3rd event milestone will receive gold equal to the amount left at their team’s Fortress.
Daily Urn Revamped
Play more and get more rewards! Come back to the game often and collect your daily urns, full of surprises. Collect five consecutive urns before the time runs out to unlock the final, extra big prize.

New Alliance Tasks (Available on 5th of February around 12:00 GMT)
Build stronger relationships and demand maximum commitment from all members of your alliance with seven new alliance tasks. Achieve the goals of your alliance and reap glory and respect!                              
  • Espionage
  • Reinforce – on eligible Capitals and Seats of Power
  • Complete missions – on controlled Vault
  • Conquest - on eligible Capitals and Seats of Power for a Rally
  • Defeat PvE Camps
  • Speed-up – on Regional Structures that are currently being upgraded
  • Trade – on eligible Trading Posts and Merchants
New Alliance Flags (Available on 5th of February around 12:00 GMT)
New year, new look! Stand out from the crowd with the new options for your alliance flag customization! Choose from a huge selection of various elements, including national flags, heraldic symbols, gradients and patterns. You will be able to unlock the new elements and colors in exchange of homage. The new currency will be available in bundles and as an event leaderboard reward, so be on the lookout for our special offers and activities.
New PVE – Amazons are coming back!
Team up with your allies and challenge the brave daughters of Ares in a thrilling series of PvE events. Face the charming, but brutal enemy and compete for exclusive Champion equipment sealed with a kiss.                        
Quality of Life changes
  • Throne region limitation - Players will have to be level 15 and above to be able to position their cities within the Throne of Might region            
  • VIP expiration notifications you will receive a notification if your VIP is about to expire
  • Realm Names – your realms will now have their own glorious names – it is one thing to say “I am from realm 110” and another “I am a proud lord from Howl Ridge” J
  • New Path of Glory – Unlock it and win super rewards!
  • Adventurers in Reserve now displayed more clearly in the Tavern
  • [b]PvE Chests can now be inspected directly from the encounter menu to view their contents [/b]