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Update 19 Change Logs

Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:04 pm
My Lords,
Update 19 is here to make the upcoming holiday season super glorious and rewarding! The festive spirit in your realm will be strong as our latest update heralds a bright-shining new feature, plenty of quality of life improvements and awesome treats to make your December and the new 2018 even merrier! 

Paragon Levels – Overcharge your marches with abilities that will break the game rules completely!
You unlock Paragon Levels when you reach Castle Level 11. Unlocking this mighty new feature will present you with awesome game-changing abilities and many useful perks with bonuses. Increase your Paragon Level to gain access to the most powerful of them.

Paragon Experience Points
Accumulate Paragon Experience points by partaking in special events and reaching the milestone or leaderboard rewards. When you receive Paragon Experience it is automatically added to your Paragon Level. Check out the new Paragon section located on the second page of the bottom HUD. The maximum Paragon Level you can reach is Level 100.

Paragon Abilities
Increasing your Paragon Level will let you unlock new abilities. Once an ability is unlocked, it can be activated for its effect. When an ability is activated you will have 60 minutes to use its effect (the exception is the Army Recall - it is used in the moment you activate the ability).
After you have used the ability or its active period has ended, it will go into cooldown. When the cooldown ends you can again use the ability – it doesn’t cost anything!

Here are the 5 Paragon Abilities and their effects when activated, presented in the order that you can unlock them:
  • Deplete Resources - the next gathering march you sent will deplete the resource tiles instantly (unlocked at Paragon Level 5).
  • Plunder Encounter - the next 2 marches sent against encounters will award 3 times the normal rewards (unlocked at Paragon Level 15).
  • Army Recall – instantly recall all marches regardless of their current location (unlocked at Paragon Level 30).
  • Cautious March - for your next march sent against an enemy, your wounded units will remain unharmed and your killed units will be wounded instead. (unlocked at Paragon Level 50).
  • Grand March - your next march will have a Max March Size of 3,000,000. You won’t be able to use this ability for reinforcement and Throne of Might marches (unlocked at Paragon Level 70).
Paragon Abilities when sending marches
When sending out a march a new button will be visible in the army menu (for those that have a Paragon Ability unlocked). This will allow you to quickly select and activate Paragon Abilities on the fly, right before sending a march out. You can identify any marches with Paragon Abilities by the icon visible above them on the world map.
Paragon Points
When you increase your Paragon Level, you will receive a Paragon Point (hence, you can earn 100 points in total). Paragon Points are very similar to the Talent Points you receive when you upgrade your Champion Level. The difference here is that you spend the Paragon Points on Paragon Perks which will deliver additional new bonuses.
Paragon Perks
There are 25 Paragon Perks on which you can spend your Paragon Points. The more points you spend on a perk, the better bonus it will give you (very similar to Champion’s Talents). Some perks or perk bonuses will require a specific Paragon Level to be reached before you can spend points in them.
  • Paragon Points Reset - Paragon Point allocation in Paragon Perks can be reset. Note that when a reset occurs a cooldown will be triggered.
Paragon Levels and Cross-Realm events
  • During RvR, Paragon Perks and Paragon Abilities work just as they do normally
  • The Paragon Abilities will not be usable in Atlantis, but Paragon Perks will still apply their bonuses.
Winter is coming to your realm!

Special Winter Calendar – We have prepared special calendar rewards during the holidays. Log in every day between December 22nd and January 2nd and guarantee your special presents!
Also from the 10th until the 20th of December there will be Paragon Points in the Calendar, to boost your Paragon start.

Lottery: Christmas edition – After the Halloween Spooky Lottery comes the merrier Edition. Try your luck and strike rich! Miracles do happen! Note that the special festive rewards in the lottery will appear when the holidays are near. Be on the lookout for news regarding this!

Snowball Fun Events - One simple rule: roll a snowball to the enemy’s capital to hit it, score points and see what presents await you. The Snowball Fun Events will be available between December 18th and December 31st.

New PvE: The Vikings – Get ready to thwart the Nordic invasion and loot their chests for brand new champion equipment! (Live on December 10th at 1am GMT)

Arctic Keep (City Skin) – cool as ice, this new city skin will emphasize your power and might perfectly. (Unlocked on December 18th)

More great new stuff based on your feedback!
  • Get Lockboxes full of rewards when you upgrade your Stronghold’s level – the higher the level, the better the Lockbox you receive. (The feature will be live on December 9th, 12:00 GMT)
  • Compete in tournaments much more often - the waiting for Tuesday is over! Be on the lookout for more info regarding the new Tournament schedule
  • A new Alliance version of the Wonder Event
  • Improved Castle buildings interaction
  • Redesigned Path to Glory and new missions available
  • Option to add multiple talent points
  • Search option in your Alliance menu
  • No more cooldown for realm relocation
  • Faction info in your Player Profile
  • Enhanced experience for new players
  • And many more improvements!