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Update 18 Change Logs

Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:52 am
It not a trick, it’s a treat - it’s time for Update 18! Get your hands on all the dainties we have prepared for you for the upcoming Halloween season, along with some great new creatures… oops, we meant features!
Mercenary Den
General Info
  • Mercenaries are troops you can hire and later deploy in your army marches in case you need specialized forces to outwit your opponents.
  • Mercenary Contracts can be obtained via the Exotic Dealer or as part of a bundle – the first Mercenary Contracts will become available for purchase with the first arrival of the Exotic Dealer in your Castle after the update.
  • You can hire as many as you wish, but any mercenaries you send to battle will leave your service once their march returns.
  • In case you send a march with mercenaries, but a battle doesn’t occur those mercenaries will remain at your service.
  • Once hired, Mercenaries can be used in rallies and marches, but are limited to:
    • 1 Slot of mercenaries for a Rally
    • 2 Slots of mercenaries for any other March
  • You won’t be able to use your Mercenaries in reinforcement marches.
  • Mercenaries are never wounded. They will either die in combat or leave after a battle.
  • Once hired, Mercenaries can be found in the ‘Army’ section.
  • Any hired mercenaries will remain at your service until you choose to send them to battle.
  • Finally, mercenaries can be used to defend your Castle. When your Castle is attacked, only mercenaries that die in battle will be lost, those that survive the battle will not leave your service.
Types and Skills
The Mercenaries are divided in five types Swordsmen, Spearmen, Cavalry, Ranged and Siege Machines, each type with 5 tiers.
  • The combat penalty when a type of unit is placed in the slot of another type in the formation is still applied to the Mercenary units as if they are regular units.
  • Mercenaries also benefit from the regular Attack and Health bonuses.
Mercenary army units will perform slightly better than the regular ones thanks to their active and passive skills. The passive skills will affect the march and/or the army inside in the same way (or similar) the Faction Promotions do. Also, a Passive Skill should stack with effects from the Faction Promotions, with the Passive Skill of another Mercenary squad, but not with the same Mercenary Passive Skill.

Active skills (Same as in the Tournament)
  • Swordsmen – Berserk
  • Spearmen – Zeal
  • Cavalry – Unstoppable Charge
  • Ranged – Suppressing Fire
  • Siege Machines – Stun
Note that some mercenary skills will be tweaked differently from the tournament version of the skill.
Passive Skills
  • Swordsmen – Increased Swordsmen Attack & Health
  • Spearmen – Increased Spearmen Attack & Health
  • Cavalry – Increased Cavalry Attack & Health
  • Ranged – Increased Army Health
  • Siege Machines – Increased Gathering Speed
Mercenaries in Rallies
In Rallies, players will be able to add only 1 slot of Mercenaries, as mentioned before.
  • If the Rally Leader adds a slot of Mercenaries, the Rally participants should be able to add Mercenaries only in that slot, only of that type.
  • If the Rally Leader does not add a slot of Mercenaries any joining player is eligible to add one.
  • If two participants attempt to send a different type of Mercenaries simultaneously, whoever was second will be notified and prevented in sending that march.
  • A Mercenary slot will remain in the Rally, when fighting waves of opponents until the waves are over – Dark Citadel (Alliance Raid)
  • Capitals - As Mercenaries will be unavailable to be sent on a reinforce marches, they still could reinforce a Capital, after a successful Rally. Since players can only switch the formation, mercenaries will remain and try to enter a preferred slot.
Mercenaries during Castle Defense
In Castle defense, players will be able to select if they wish to be protected by their hired Mercenaries via an option in the 'Army' menu. Then, the most powerful squad will be auto-deployed in the formation. As stated before, if a battle occurs at your Castle, only the killed mercenaries will be lost.
  • Mercenaries cannot take part in Atlantis
  • Mercenaries can be used during any form of RvR
  • Not auto-deployed for any march
  • Mercenary squads will not be lost if the player fights zero opposition
  • 'Instigate Rebellion' Spy Mission will not affect any of your Mercenary Units.
  • During any Event (For an example, Kill Units) they will be considered as regular units of their specific tier.
  • Re-occupying the Throne of Might with mercenaries is allowed.
  • A report will be sent when Mercenaries leave the player's Army upon returning to the Player's Castle so that you can keep track of how many and which of your hired sellswords have been used.
It is going to be a hell of a Halloween season in your realm!
Halloween daily rewards!
Take your treat every day and claim the sweetest prize – a Ghostly Chest full of terrific stuff and a guaranteed epic weapon. Collect all 6 chests to craft the legendary Phantom Scythe!
The special calendar login-streak will run from October 25th until November 5th.
Pumpkin Hunt events
A bewitched version of the Relic Hunt comes your way. The map will be beset with pumpkins and you have to outrun other hunters on the quest for their collection. But these are not some ordinary pumpkins – they are full of gold, so collect them fast!
From October 25th until November 4th Grand Events will take a backseat to the equally thrilling and rewarding Pumpkin Hunt events!
Spooky Lottery (spooky lottery rewards - live on October 21st)
Dare to play dice with your fate? Don’t be scared – aim for the top to earn Tomb Chests that could contain a bunch of gold, royal lottery tickets or just maybe, a long forgotten ring of terrible power.
Halloween PvE Camps (Live on October 22nd at 1am GMT)
The Halloween Knights just hijacked the world map. Banish them away and win mighty new gear for your Champion!
Quality of Life – Improving your March of Empires experience!
Alliance Warfare revamp
  • New “Enemy Rallies” Section - see which of your alliance members are under attack or which capitals are being taken over by the enemy
    • Clicking the Rally element will take you to its location on the world map
    • Rallies on contested capitals are shown for both the contesting and the owner alliance!
    • Scout and attack marches are NOT displayed
  • Improved Alliance Rallies menu – you can find more information about the next rallies and their targets in the Alliance Rallies menu.
  • Color coding of the players’ names has been added
  • New “Go to” button in the Preparation menu, which navigates you to the Tournament object
  • “View battle” button once the player’s match is over
Atlantean points of interest revisited
  • Atlantis Resource storages
    • Better Atlantis Gold mines with more gold – 14,000 Gold to be precise. Occupy one of those for 4 minutes (instead of 6) and you get your Atlantis sign-up fee covered.
    • Less time for mining at the Resource storages - from 5 to 3 minutes.
  • Almost twice as many Atlantean Crypts to defeat
  • More Atlantis Power storages to occupy, which will have:
    • Less occupation time - decreased from 4 to 2 minutes
    • Higher Attack and Health bonuses - increased from 25% to 35%.
 Other changes
  • New Path to Glory - Unlock it and enjoy super rewards!
  • Your Faction Units are now instantly healed, so we are replacing their promotion related to healing speed with a promotion for training cost reduction.
  • Swipe to the left on any bottom screen notification to remove it and all subsequent queued notifications
  • Siege Phase animation has been revamped fully and should now be much more clear as to what occurs in the Siege Phase
  • “Send Army” screen improvements – Units are now sorted by Tier. In addition, the tick-box that auto-deploys and clears formations has been replaced with a button.
  • Use Multiple Healing items – quickly and easily use all the Healing items you own with the Healing menu changes
  • Supply & Demand Event –  you will be clearly notified when there are no deals available
  • Additional ‘transfer out of old realms’ rule added - Players will not be able to transfer if they have more than 2M Might
  • New city skin
  • Claiming Quests – if you have hard time claiming the rewards for the quests you have unlocked (e.g. Win Tournament Matches), please make sure you have upgraded your game to our latest version.