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Update 17 Change Logs

Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:22 am
My Lords,

Update 17 has arrived to herald a whole new era in March of Empires – the era of the ultimate challenge! We have no doubts you will overcome any threat along the way to domination – but not without the help of our great new features.

Atlantis has arisen – The new Grand Realm Invasion Solo Event!

Since time immemorial, the legend of Atlantis – one of the greatest and wealthiest civilizations on earth, has captivated the minds of explorers, adventurers, dreamers and brave men. No one, however, was clairvoyant enough to find the way to the mythical kingdom. Until now - the sunken world will rise again from the depths of the sea to offer its long-hidden treasures to the bravest rulers in March of Empires!
Prepare yourself for battle and head to the Atlantis realm to earn new, immensely powerful rewards!

The Atlantean rules
• When the Atlantis realm appears and the event is live, only players with castles level 30 can sign up to participate.
• Players must have at least 300,000 Tier 5 Units to be eligible to enter
• Exactly 1 hour after signup begins, all players that have signed will be teleported to Atlantis
• While on the Atlantis realm, only max size marches can be sent
• The Max March Size is set to 100,000 Units
• When your castle is attacked, the defending army also uses the Max March Size of 100,000 Units, instead of using the regular defense rally size
• Players will be limited to only 1 march while in Atlantis
• There are no spying activities in Atlantis
• Alliance activities and rallies are not available – everyone is your enemy now
As you explore the mythical lands of Atlantis, you will be able to:
• Defeat the Atlantean defenders in their Crypts and receive a special items for your troubles
• Gain large amounts of resources from Atlantis Resource Storages
• Gain Attack and Health boosts for the duration of the Atlantis event from Atlantis Power Storages
But beware! The Atlantis never stays above ground for long. Regions will start to submerge back under water and you will have to make your way to the center or your castle will be claimed by the sea.

Sinking mechanic
Lower level regions will already be under water when the Atlantis event begins.
A timer will tell you when the next series of regions will be flooded.
When all level 7 regions are sunk, the Throne of Might and Seats of Power will become available for conquest.

Scoring points
As with other March of Empires events, you will be able to score points and claim amazing Leaderboard rewards, including the new Atlantis Equipment items.
• Hold the Throne of Might – this scores points over time, while controlling the Throne
• Incapacitate Enemy Player Units – score points for defeating enemy players
• Defeat Atlantis Crypt defenders

Points of interest on the Atlantean map
Atlantis Resource Storage
Occupy this tile and you will eventually receive the resources hidden within.
Atlantis Power Storage
Occupy the building and you will receive a bonus lasting for the rest of the Atlantis event. Bonuses obtained from multiple Atlantis Power Storages stack together.
There are two possible bonuses that can be obtained:
• Unit Attack Bonus
• Unit Health Bonus

Atlantis resource and power storages will not respawn, and you can be attacked while you are occupying them.

Atlantis Crypts
Crypts are PvE encounters that will grant you event points if you defeat the defenders. They consist of 3 waves of enemies with a better reward to be gained after each defeated wave.

Atlantis Seats of Power
There are 5 Atlantis Seats of Power. Each Seat of Power provides one of the following bonuses once controlled:
• Swordsman Attack and Health Bonus
• Spearmen Attack and Health Bonus
• Cavalry Attack and Health Bonus
• Ranged Attack and Health Bonus
• Siege Attack and Health Bonus
You will be able to contest and gain control over one Seat of Power. If you are successful in your conquest your Seat will be protected for a short period of time.
No policies are available in the Seats of Power.

The Atlantis Throne
Similarly to the Atlantis Seats of Power, the Throne can be contested and controlled. Once a player gains control of the Throne it will become protected for a short period of time. More importantly, the player controlling the Throne will constantly receive a large amount of event points, allowing them to secure a good position on the leaderboard and claim the best prizes!

During the Atlantis event, it is possible that you get eliminated. That’s why it is important that you constantly keep the amount of Wounded Units in check, as well as the positioning of your Castle.
A player will be eliminated if:
• If the Wounded Units bar fills up to the max
• If the Castle of a player is in a region that sinks
• Players can also forfeit and leave Atlantis early if they wish

If you are eliminated, you will be teleported out of the Atlantis and won’t be able to join back. Any points scored will still count towards the event leaderboard! It is possible to win 1st place in the event, even if you are eliminated!
Also, you will receive 24-hour peace shield when you return to your realm.

• You will get a small Peace Shield at the beginning of the event and every time you get defeated.
• There will be an Atlantis sign-up fee
• All unit healing in Atlantis is instant – yes, that means healing your Tier 5 units is instant!
• Players won’t be able to access anything outside the Atlantis Realm.
• Chat will not be visible in Atlantis and players won’t be able to send mails to other players.
• New Achievement “Win Atlantis event” will be introduced for players that achieve the 1st place on the leaderboard, along with a special portrait to brag with.

Extra Champion Levels (Live on September 8th)
Never stop improving. Now your Champion’s experience can grow further and reach Level 70. Achieve it and find out how the power and skills of your army will improve, as well as your Champion’s equipment.

Send Army Screen (Live on September 8th)
More information, more possibilities. Craft your march the way you want.
New features of the revamped Send Army Screen include:
• More detailed target and army stats
• Set your army load
• Select between 3 army formation presets
• Carefully select the type of units you want to use as well as their tier
• Select the proper champion equipment preset

Quality of Life – Improving your March of Empires world!

The Rally menu now puts forward more information:
• Leader’s name, rank and champion portrait
• Assembly time
• Target name
• Action (contest or ravage)
• Participation
• Rally icons indicating the status

Player Profile stats
New stats are added to the player profile:
Combat overview
• Tournaments won
• Units healed
• Faction units healed
Champion overview
• Portraits unlocked
• Equipment found
Economy overview
• Calendar rewards claimed
• Daily Urns claimed
• Daily Quests completed
• Mines depleted
Alliance history
• Regions governed
• Raid waves defeated
Event history
• Solo events won
• Relics captured
• Goods claimed in Supply & Demand
• Wealth Generated in Supply & Demand
• Tower control activity
• Wonder contribution

The Gladiators are back! (live on September 10th at 1am GMT)
Gladiators have returned to your realm to challenge you in their huge Colosseums. Defeat them to score awesome rewards and brand new equipment for your Champion!

Updated In-game Mail System
We have updated our mail system so please, make sure you get the latest version of our app - otherwise you might not be able to receive in-game messages or shared battle reports from other players that have installed the latest version.

Additional Improvements
• Champion Menu – you can now add experience from your Inventory or the Shop directly from the Champion menu.
• City Level Up - When you upgrade your Castle, a pop-up appears, telling you what great features you have unlocked – such as Super Adventures, special events, etc.
• Regional Structures speed-ups - You can now speed-up the construction time on regional structures. All players from the same Alliance can participate in the process.
• Faction Units instant healing – Faction Units now have 0s healing time and their speed on the world map is increased
• Join Alliance notification - Now displays the name of the player who accepted a new member for Closed Alliances.
• Portraits - When you select a locked portrait, you can check which quest or series of quests you have to complete in order to obtain it.
• Use Multiple Items – We recognize you might have a lot of some items in your inventory, so we have enabled multiple use for certain items. Simply select Use and you will see a bar allowing you to use multiple items at once.
• Watchtower now has no filters preselected
• New city skin
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