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Update 16 Change Logs

Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:24 am
My Lords,
Things are heating up in July as we’ve prepared some truly hot revamps and new features for you in Update 16. So, get yourself a chalice of refreshing mead and read on to find out more.
Let’s build Wonders together! (New Event)
Join forces and send builders to raise immense Wonders in your realm! Benefit from great rewards like gold mines, pristine mines rich with resources and surprise-loaded chests.
When the event begins, a Wonder Level 1 will appear in the realm at a random place within any level 7 region. If none is found, it will continue searching in level 6 regions and so on until a tile is found.
In order to increase the level of the wonder, players will have to send builders. Builders can be acquired either by defeating encounters or by depleting resource tiles, as each tile type awards a different amount of Builders.
Once you have acquired builders, simply find the Wonder on the world map (there will be an arrow pointer) and send them via a march. Thus, you will not only help to increase the level of the Wonder but you will also earn event points for climbing the event leaderboard as follows:
  • 2 Points for each Builder sent to the wonder
  • 1 Point for each unused Builder
When enough builders arrive at the wonder, its level will increase. The wonder has 10 levels and each time you notch up, this will additionally boost the bonus effect at the end of the event. The bonus will be applied for the next 24 hours depending on the type and the level of the wonder.
  • The Great Statue – Spawns hidden treasures in the realm over 24 hours, which can be occupied and will award a chest if the occupation timer expires.
  • The Golden Temple – Spawns gold mines in the realm over the next 24 hours.
  • The Altar of Life – Spawns pristine resource tiles in the realm over 24 hours. These spawn on top of the regular mines and provide more resources which can be gathered faster.
Welcome the Exotic Dealer to your city!
She has travelled a long way from distant lands to set up shop outside your city walls. The Exotic Dealer will periodically visit to offer you alluring new items and champion gear for purchase. She accepts payment in both gold and social points, depending on the item itself.
As soon as she arrives, you will be notified and you may start immediately browsing the unique selection of items she offers. Following the supply-and-demand rule, whenever you buy an item, its next purchase will cost you more. When you purchase all available items of the same type, they will be marked as “Sold Out”.
Here is a list with all the items you may find in the Exotic Dealer’s shop, which, however, will not be made available all at once:
  • 6-hour 75% Attack Boost
  • 12-hour 125% PvE Attack Boost
  • 2-hour 75% March Size Boost
  • 12-hour 100% PvE March Size Boost
  • 6-hour 75% Health Boost
  • 12-hour 125% PvE Health Boost
  • 70% March Speed Up
  • 6-hour 100% Upkeep Reduction
  • 6-hour 50% Champion XP Boost
  • 24-hour Extra March (+1 March)
  • 8-hour 75% Gathering Speed Boost
  • 12-hour 100% Adventure Rewards Boost
  • 24-hour 100% Resource Income Boost
  • 24-hour 500% Resource Capacity Boost
  • 24-hour 50% Army Load Boost
  • 24-hour 100% Army Load Boost
  • 7-day 125% Resource Protection Boost
  • Various types of exotic equipment chests (common, uncommon, rare and epic)
If you don’t like the trader’s current offers and you are willing to shell out for different ones, you will have the option to restock the shop for gold. Restocking will cause a new random selection of items to appear, while any items previously available for purchase will be removed.
Walk the Path to Glory!
Update 16 comes with new Paths to Glory for everyone! Unlock them and enjoy super rewards.
There will be 7 different Paths to Glory depending on your Stronghold’s level. Each one has its own difficulty level and consists of up to 5 missions which should be completed for a limited amount of time. The completion of the first mission unlocks the next one.
If all the missions within a Path to Glory are completed successfully, your efforts will be rewarded in the proper manner. Rest assured - special place amongst the rewards is reserved for legendary equipment and gold.
A Path to Glory button will indicate your progress towards the completion of your missions, while a timer will tick away each remaining minute left for their completion. Once you complete your Path to Glory, another one will be unlocked when you reach the required level.
New Quests are waiting to be Unlocked! (live on July 21=10.8333pxst)
To stimulate your imperial ambitions, we have added new achievements for you to aspire to. Some of the existing quests have been expanded with new milestones, while two new types have been introduced.
New quests (new types):
  • Gain 5000/50000/250000 Favor during Imperial Games
  • Change Name quest
New quests (Existing Types)
  • Win 1000 battles
  • Win 2500 battles
  • Win 10000 battles
  • Play Lottery 7500 times
  • Play Lottery 10000 times
  • Make 7500 trade deals
  • Make 10000 trade deals
  • Complete 20000 adventures
  • Complete 30000 adventures
This means a new challenge point chest filled to the brim with awesome rewards awaits you! On top of that, you will be able to see in advance its guaranteed and random contents.
Dismantle Functional Traps with one click
Unhappy with all those wall battlements and arrow slits? Now you can easily dismantle all your unwanted defenses with one simple click. Be informed, however, that once dismantled, the traps will be permanently destroyed, and you will not receive any refund for the resources you spent to build them.
New PvE Camps! (live on July 23=10.8333pxrd at 1am GMT)
The Savages are out for blood again and will come to ravage your lands. Smash them to loot mighty equipment.
More great features!
  • New Champion equipment indicator - Too busy occupying mines and winning Tournaments to keep count of all your newly acquired Champion equipment? An indicator is going to notify you when and how many new pieces of equipment have been added to your arsenal. New items will be marked even if you already own the same.
  • Purge the Realm Decree is coming back! (live on July 21=10.8333pxst)- The Purge the Realm Decree has been amended and supplemented and will be introduced back to the Emperor’s list with Update 16.
  • Skip PvE TimerToo impatient to purge your region from the pest of the Encounters? Update 16 will allow you to buy and use the Guardian’s Swiftness and the Guardian’s Pass items from the store whenever you need them. Just click on the “Attack” button!
  • Redeem Codes - Our in-game Options have a new space reserved for redeem codes. If you have one, hurry up to retrieve your reward which will come in the form of chests full of useful gear and resources.
  • Higher VIP Bonuses for VIP Deluxe Subscribers - The VIP subscription bonuses have been reconsidered and now they come with even higher bonuses. Go straight to your VIP menu and scroll through it to find out more. Note that the bonus increase is only for subscribers at VIP level 14 and below. Deluxe subscribers at VIP level 15 will continue to receive the same bonuses.