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Update 15 Change Logs

Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:10 am
Update 15 Change logs
My Lords,
It’s a refreshing time for your Realm!
Update 15 focuses on improving the current gameplay and adding a few twists to it.
Check the change logs below as we touch on Regional Structures, Seats of Power and more.
Imperial Decree Updates (live on June 9th between 10am and 12pm GMT)
New Decrees
Purge the Realm
A new PvE encounter comes to your Realm. Three Resistance Bases will spawn every 12 hours on the map and act like the Barbarian Hordes, attacking your regional structures. Just like them, a victory will award you a ton of gold. But beware! The longer they stay, the lower the gold, until there is none is left.
By activating this decree, you will also get a 20% cooldown reduction when battling regular PvE encounters.
Naval Expeditions
A new encounter type will spawn on water tiles. To explore them you need to go in full force and one of three possible outcomes will occur. You may find an item, find resources or battle savage pirates! You will not know what is in there until your army reaches the tile and explores it. Not to worry, wounded troops will be sent to your temple in case a battle occurs.
Court Advisors
Got a Title? Then your Region will be affected by extra bonuses. This applies to both allies and foes.
Treasurer: Increased Send Resources March Size
Guardian: Increased March Size against Encounters
Marshal: Increased Trap Repair Time Bonus
Ranger: Increased Scout Level
Spymaster: Increased Spy XP
Archeologist: Increased Gather Speed
Fool: Decreased Attack and Health
Jester: Decreased Spy Mission Speed
Only one advisor per region so, if multiple players with titles are present in the same region, the one that was present first will be the region advisor. Ties are broken by the order in which the titles are listed in the Imperial Court menu.
Old Decrees
Old decrees, new ink! We have rewritten how some of the decrees work.
Make sure to check the changes below.
Fearless Marches
Scouting is disabled.
NEW: increased Spy Mission Speed.
Trading posts have less Trade Offers and Throne of Might attackers get their Army Attack reduced.
NEW: A percentage of all resources gathered on the Realm is taken as a tax for the Emperor’s benefit. This is now the only way for the Emperor to tax the Realm.
Redistribute Wealth
All resource tiles spawn with a random level across the Realm.
NEW: Increased Gathering Speed.
Faction Power
Marches can have 2 squads of Faction Units.
NEW: Faction Units get wounded instead of killed in battle.
Scorched Earth
NEW: Ravaging Time is reduced. If a Region becomes Devastated, one random regional structure loses one level permanently (will need to be upgraded again).
Seats of Power Revamp (live on June 9th between 10am and 12pm GMT)
The Seats of Powers bring new policies to the fray.
We’ve reworked their roles as well as injected cool new bonuses that will change Realm policies and the way you rule.
New Effects
Each seat has a specific set of resource tiles spawning.
Unoccupied seats will have mines level 5 spawn, while an occupied seat will have mines range from level 7 to level 10.
New Policies
Seat of War – Raid Runners
Players receive an additional free Alliance Raid run but healing cost for all units is increased.
Seat of Order – Construction Focus
Construction times are decreased for all players but construction costs are increased.
Seat of Domain – Court Usurper
Imperial Court Titles assignment is transferred from the Emperor to the leader of the Alliance occupying the seat.
Seat of Accord – Blissful Times
Players receive a one-time 4-day VIP activation and daily Social Points limit is increased while this policy is active.
Seat of Heroes – Worthy Adversaries
World Encounters give Gold when defeated but players will face stronger opponents with increased attack and health.
Regional Structures Revamp (live on June 9th between 10am and 12pm GMT)
The Crafting Guild, Trading Post and Regional Wall remain unchanged. Stables, Holy Site and Vault have been upgraded with additional bonuses and functions. Finally, we welcome a new building called the Watch Tower!
Old: Increased March Speed
New: Increased March Speed and increased Army Load
Holy Site
Old: Provides attack boost for a short duration
New: Provides 3 short duration boost choices: Attack boost, March Speed boost or Army Load boost.
Old: Deposit for resources and provides an interest rate on deposited resources.
New: Withdraw/deposit of resources is no longer possible. Missions are given to players. Once completed, a reward will be sent to all Alliance members.
Silver deposits will be refunded and you will receive a report in the game.
Watch Tower – NEW
Search for object on the world map. This means you can search for resource tiles, PvE encounters or players.
You also get increased Scout level for Cities in the region.
Inform Alliance members when a rally has begun against the regional capital.
Tournament Equipment (live on June 9th)
All new exclusive tournament equipment has been added to the tournament chests. The further you go, the better the equipment quality that you might find.
New PvE Encounters (live on June 11th at 1am GMT)
The Brigands are back with new equipment. Destroy their camps to get great rewards.
Balance and Additional Changes
  • Barbarian Hordes:
    1. Increased number of barbarians at all levels.
    2. Increased marches against Regional Structures and Resource Tiles.
    3. Increased Gold reward.
    4. Slight increase in health and attack bonuses from level 4 to level 7.
  • With the new Tyranny decree, the Imperial Tax has been removed from the game. Now, instead of a silver tax, the Emperor will receive a percentage of gathered resources when the Tyranny decree is active.
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