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Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:29 am
Tournaments (Live on May 2nd)
It’s time to truly test your skills as a commander, with the Tournaments! 
Once per week, you will be able to compete with fellow players in 1v1 battles involving strategy and tactics.
To enter a Tournament you will have to gather Tournament Invitations from Daily Chests or purchase them from the in-game shop. Once you have enough Invitations you can enlist in the Tournament through the Tournament grounds structure near the Seat of War.
Once you have signed up, you have a several minutes to prepare your strategy, set up your army formation, unit skills and army tactic.
Then, you will take part in a thrilling series of 1v1 battles, where a victory allows you to progress to the next round. On the other hand, a loss means you are out of the Tournament. The further you go, the higher the reward will be.
Let’s break down the tournament aspects.
Preparation Phase
  • The tournament is announced almost an hour in advance. You will have plenty of time to sign up via the Tournament Invitations you have collected.
  • Signed players receive a random formation and 7 random squads of units.
  • Once you are set, you can select up to 2 unit combat skills and 1 army tactic.
  • After each battle you will be presented with 1 random unit squad as reinforcements, you must replace any of your current army squads with it. 
  • 20 unique battle formations will be available in the tournament.
  • Keep in mind that the formation you get at the start of the tournament cannot be changed, so make the best of it! 
  • At the start of the tournament you will be given 3 random melee squads, 2 random ranged squads and 2 squads that are fully random
  • Faction Units do not take part in the tournament
  • After every round, 3 of your squads will lose a percentage of their initial health, but you will be able to replace only 1 of them with a random fresh squad. Over multiple rounds, this will create strategic choices of which unit to replace. 
Unit Combat Skills
Tournament battles are dramatically different from normal combat due to the availability of Unit Skills.
There are a total of 15 skills (3 per unit type), and you can select a maximum of 2 skills per round, one per unit type.  
This means you have to evaluate your opponent’s army, and what units you have available, if you want to be successful in the battles to come.
Here is an overview of each skill, make sure to read them carefully in the game and choose carefully which squads you want to empower for each upcoming battle:
  • Shield Wall: The squad raises their shields reducing incoming damage by 75%, but also reducing their attack by 75%.
  • Dread: The squad gives up a dreadful war cry forcing the enemy squad to fall 1 tile back.
  • Berserk: When a squad is below 70% health it goes berserk. This will increase its attack by 50%. 
  • Pike Stance: The squad raises their spears when flanked and attacks back the flanker for 50% of normal damage.
  • Brothers in Arms: Squads aid each other reducing damage taken by 30% while adjacent to another squad of the same type.
  • Zeal: The squad strikes with fanatic zeal restoring 5% health on every 3 attacks it makes. 
  • Unstoppable Charge: The squad charges upon defeating an enemy squad. The charging squad gains +1 movement speed and a 100% attack increase on their next attack.
  • Evasion: The squad receives reduced damage from Ranged and Siege attacks by 75% while moving.
  • Cavalry Shock: The squad shocks the targeted enemy squad, causing its attack to deteriorate by 50% for a short duration. 
  • Volley: The squad attacks 3 enemy squads instead of 1. Each enemy squad is attacked with 40% of the normal damage.
  • Suppressing Fire: The squad attacks suppress the enemy squad. Suppressed squads take 25% more damage for a short duration.
  • Point Blank: Ranged squads equip powerful weapons increasing attack by 40%, but reducing their range. 
  • Splash Attack: The squad lunches a huge projectile causing all enemy squads adjacent to the target to also take 50% of normal damage.
  • Stun: Squad attacks will disorient the enemy squad, causing it stop attacking or moving for a short duration.
  • Focus Fire: The squad will focus on a single enemy squad dealing 10% increased damage with each successive attack. The damage will add up to a maximum of 50%. 
Army Tactics
Hold Position
Your squads will hold their formation and not move. This effect is only active for a very brief time at the beginning of the battle.

Your squads gains +1 movement speed. This effect is only active for a very brief time at the beginning of the battle.
Line Advance
Your Swordsman, Spearmen and Cavalry squads take 50% reduced damage. This effect is active for a short time at the beginning of the battle.
Rain of Fire
Your Ranged and Siege squads gain 30% increased attack. This effect is only active for a short time at the beginning of the battle.
Nerves of Steel
Your army loses 50% less morale from the damage sustained. This effect is only active for a short time at the beginning of the battle.
War Cry
Your army causes 50% more morale loss to the enemy. This effect is only active for a short time at the beginning of the battle.
Secure Flanks
The enemy deals no additional damage when flanking your squads. This effect is only active for a moderate duration at the beginning of the battle.
Charge Flanks
Your squads deal 50% more damage when flanking the enemy. This effect is only active for a moderate duration at the beginning of the battle.
Specialized Tactics
Your squad's bonus is doubled when they are "Strong" against their targets. This effect is only active for a short time at the beginning of the battle.
General Tactics
Your squad's penalty is cancelled when they are "Weak" against their targets. This effect is only active for a moderate duration at the beginning of the battle.
Rounds and Rewards
  • You have at least 15 minutes to prepare in-between rounds.
  • The next round starts only after all battles have been played.
  • If you are knocked out, you get a reward according to the tournament round you’ve reached 
Ravage Capitals (Live on April 29)
Taking control of a Region requires a lot of power and a division of your armies.
Sometimes, it’s best to rally and deal a massive blow to your enemies without the burden of controlling a new Region.
It’s now possible with the new Ravage Capital Rally!
You will have 1 hour to ravage a Capital. Once successful, the Capital will become Devastated and negative effects will apply to the Region.
Regional Structures will revert to level 1 for 4 hours.
Special Cases:
-A Devastated Capital cannot be ravaged again but can be contested
-Ravage Rallies are not available during Realm invasions or Pillage Capitals, Gathering, and Kill Units Cross-Realm Events
-Ravage Rallies can only be started against adjacent regions
Supply & Demand Event (coming soon)
Travel across the land and search far and wide: The new Supply & Demand event requires some heavy lifting in order to score points!
Goods will spawn randomly on the world map for you to collect, and will depend on specific tiles:



Once you have collected some Goods, you can sell them to the Merchant, in exchange for Wealth.
The Merchant
Like the Trade Posts, the Merchant will offer you 3 deals.
Each deal demands a certain amount of Goods. In return, the Merchant will grant you Wealth.
Every 30 minutes, all completed deals will be replaced by new ones. The remaining deals will stay, and provide more Wealth with every turn they stay in the Merchant.
It’s up to you whether to risk not completing a deal to get more Wealth, or to complete as much deals as possible before other players.

Gathering goods and completing deals does not remove your Peace Shield but you can choose to occupy a Merchant. By doing so, you will drop your shield, but only you and members of your Alliance will have access to the deals from this Merchant.
The quality of the deals is random and you will need to wander around the map, looking for the best ones.
Wealth represents event points. So the more Wealth you earn, the higher on the leaderboard you will be.
Super Adventures & New Adventurer
Super Adventure:
The new adventure will unlock for players at Castle level 10 and above.
You will need a full party of adventurers to start it. Once complete, you will be rewarded with Royal Lottery tickets, but more importantly, you will get a chance to obtain a chest containing awesome rewards!
But beware, such rewards come at a price and your adventurers will not always survive this perilous journey. There is a chance you will lose an adventurer when completing the Super Adventure.
After completing a Super Adventure, it will be available again in 3 days time.
New Adventurer:
Get your hands on a new kind of adventurer! When in your party, he provides a chance of finding equipment for you Champion when completing adventures!
City Skins (Architecture Plans available from April 29)
Are you looking to stand out among your friends? Do you want to be the talk of the Realm?
Why not change the looks of your Castle!
4 special City skins are available for you to choose from.
Collect Architecture Plans to unlock each skin.
You can get those new tokens in bundles and in events on rare occasions, so keep a sharp eye.
New PvE Encounters (Live on April 30 at 1am GMT)
Slavers are back with their bolts and chains! Don’t let them subdue you and lay waste to their camps.
As always, new equipment items will be available! The Amazons will end at 11pm GMT on April 29.
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