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pixie87 wrote:
Actually I meant to talk about this "basic business sense" at the end of my last post, but I forgot. Yes, it's understandable they want to make money, we all accept and understand that. We accept and understand that a F2P game is going to have limitations if you don't pay anything. The best F2P games allow you to earn everything for free (like Hearthstone), but make it a long challenge to do so. Siegefall used to be like that and it inspired me to buy gems. I bought gems twice before they started really messing the game up since a little before update 4. I did so because even though I was progressing just fine, I loved the game and saw a good deal. But now? I'd never buy gems in a million years with how we are treated and how they put in stealth changes like the chest expiry (now the SECOND time they've done this). And it's an outright lie that chests take up too many system resources. Anyone with server experience knows this. It's a con.

And how come synch errors got WORSE after you changed chests to 14 days? Not improved? That was supposed to massively fix the problems. But nah, apparently people are still hoarding thousands of terabytes of chests within 14 days. BS!!

We would have bought gems and made this game profitable if we were treated right and the game wasn't neglected (so many bugs, all this content NOBODY wants, etc.)

Gameloft you are terrible. Shame on you.

Now this is right pixie,

Kyle / Razvan , 

The one who pays and plays will make noise and the one who doesnt won't mind. So see these replies and make the team realise how they have treated us and left with nothing but only regret that we trusted you and you played us fool.

I am playing since July 15 made purchases, I made purchases more than 10-15 times whenever a good deal pops.

And if something I earned with my strategy planning you snatch it away ??

Shame on you Devs , pathetic !!

Reply with justice !
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Ok, I was trying to stay calm and use decent language. But you are offending me again and again.

1) Vanguard? **** it! Your so called "biggest" or "greatest" update ever was total crap and fail.

With every single problem you TRY to fix, you bring 2 more issues. With every update you bring countless new errors!

2) Wild Card. Siegefall used to be FAIR game. Now it is pay to win. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo it!

3) Chests expiring in 4 hours. Why do you punish players for your inability to make technically stable game?
If you want to prevent "profile errors, corruption, and gameplay instability" learn how to code and stop adding new features.
The new features (that you can't make running at least a bit smooth) are cause of all the problems, not players playing the goddamn game.

Jeez, the little thingy on your neck, try, please, at least try, to use it from time to time. Or change your working place - I know about 2 factories that are looking for ppl to work on production line asembling TVs and some computer parts - no brains required.

If you wanna make chests expire in 4 hours, instead of 336 (14 days) shorten the buiding times accordingly!
The expiring time was cut to 1.19% of original time, shorten the building time to 2% as well to keep it fair!

And how about raid rewards? If my guild finishes a raid and I won't log in in 4 hours will I miss the reward?

4) I have bought crystals few times. For the amount I have spent on this game I could get several games or 2 brand new!
I have spent the money even tho game is FULL of bugs and is unstable due to your inability.
You should be thankfull and not **** me like this!

I wanted to buy more crystals but I won't do it under such a circumstances. Beta tester should be paid, they should not pay you to test your game! Think about... Ah, **** it.

You know, you can ban my **** off this forum or whole game.

Watch the first minute of this vid, perfectly describes this devs - players situation that is going on here.
Looking for survivors after all these technical problems with the game. Survivors, unite under the coat of arms of BK Guild!
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Hi guys,

The deletion of your currently stored chest was never intended with the recent change. It was an unexpected side effect. For those who lost numerous chests, please contact Customer Care for compensation if you haven't already.

As well, thanks you all for the feedback and discussion. These are valuable and fair criticisms which will be forwarded to the rest of the team.
I am no longer working on Siegefall and have been assigned to a new Gameloft project. Please contact Customer Care for further assistance regarding the game.
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By compensation you mean to restore all our chests right ?

Also share the date time from when the chests expiration timer will be 4 hours ! Also date and time should be realistic I.e. whatever earlier timers we had should remain same , any new chesf we collect post the decided date time will be applicable for 4 hours cut off.

Let us know the plan to avoid this chaos again !

Appreciate a sooner reply before it actually gets effective
Nothing better than beating your own performance , train hard , eat good , surprise yourself !
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Money grubbing and stealing chests is probably not the best tactic while your game is still riddled with bugs and cheaters.

BTW, pushing people to Customer Care is like like telling them to go jump off a bridge, it can take weeks for them to reply to you.

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why do I lose gems in vanguard when i won the battle
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Actually, losing gems is also the reason why I accessed this forum. Why is this happening, can anyone tell? I have noticed though that I only lose gems when betting. Visit their site and write to the developers that's what I'll do i suppose. Putting this issue aside, I must admit that the wild card feature is  really interesting. I suppose that if there weren't so hungry for our money this game could be great again :). Anyways, with the disappearing gems and all the game is still cool and can be enjoyed without microtransactions.